Top 10 Content Writing Jobs To Pursue in 2022

Top 10 Content Writing Jobs To Pursue in 2022

Are you a beginner in content writing? Are you looking to what kind of content writing jobs you can get? Then, you have come to the right place.

Content writing involves framing and writing content for the web. There are now several platforms that need writers online. That is where content writing gets into the limelight. The perks are many. In pandemic times, content writing jobs are a boon, because you can work from anywhere. 

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

You can do part-time freelancing or full-time. Part-timers get an extra income through freelancing. Full-time freelancers also earn well, depending on the projects they take up. There are so many kinds of content writing jobs online. Each kind demands a different style of writing. 

In the content writing field, you master the skill that interests you. You can then pursue your career as a content writer. You can also explore various kinds of content writing, and be the kind of content writer that you aim to be. 

Here are some content writing jobs that a content writer can pursue online and make a good income.

Top 10 Content Writing Jobs That A Content Writer Can Consider To Pursue

1. Blogger


Blogging is the best way to dive into content writing jobs. You can write blogs for clients as well as for your website. 

Blogging informs the readers about the services that a company has to offer. Viewers believe in reading blogs more than relying on advertisements. Blogging is one of the best ways to promote the brand name.

Regular blogging also gives organic traffic to the website. Also, when one uses the right keywords while blogging it can make your website popular on the search engine page. 

Bloggers can come up with solutions in their blogs about what the viewers are looking for. Giving correct information to them can help bloggers establish a connection with them.  As a result, they will visit the website more often for knowing the company better. 

Blogging nowadays is of many types. There are food blogs, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, wellness, travel, and so much more. 

One can put in the right set of keywords, write long blogs and earn money through clients who give blog writing jobs. Besides, one can write blogs on regular basis on their websites. You can establish a good portfolio by writing blogs and earn well. It is one of the most popular content writing jobs. 

If you are good with long-form content and can create engaging content, then blogging can be a good content writing career option for you.

2. Creative Writer 

Do you like to show creativity in writing? Are you fond of writing articles, or short stories? Then creative writing is one of the most interesting content writing jobs you can have.

Creative writers write for both print and online space. Anyone from any educational background can become a creative writer. All they need to have is creativity in their writing style. 

Short stories, poems, articles on fiction, travel, lifestyle, or any other non-fictional genre are a part of creative writing. 

The best part is that you can also post such things on your blogs and make them popular. 

A creative writer must have exceptional writing skills. They must have a good vocabulary and a talent to interest the audience in their stories. 

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

3. Copywriter

Copywriting is one of the best-paying content writing jobs. Copywriting is an art to frame a brand to the viewers. Such writers are well paid for their creativity and marketing talent.

The job of a copywriter is to inform the viewers about the brand. They guide the viewers to the company’s website and convert them into customers. 

The job comes with a lot of challenges. It includes framing creative headlines, to catchy main content that advertises the brand. Copywriting involves a lot of play with the words, creating content that convinces the viewers. The writers must have good insights into marketing the product and also have good observing skills.

Copywriters should have a mind to read the viewers. They need to know what the audience thinks about a certain product. They must think of how can they sell it better to the audience. 

They mainly work for the marketing sector of the company. They also frame brand campaigns. Writing for advertisements, sales copy, web copies, etc. is a part of a copywriter’s job.

4. Technical Writer 

Such content writing jobs are for writers who can guide the audience technically. Technical writing involves writing about electronics, hardware, software, machines, robotics, etc. 

They write manuals for consumers, modules, user documents, etc. for users. The main work is writing about the products. Their job is to inform about the technical use of the product. They guide the users to use the products, solve queries and make them aware of the usage. 

If you are a technically sound person in any field, you can opt to be a technical writer. People who are good in such aspects get preferences for technical writing. The job is to explain the technical specifications to the users. Technical writers are therefore mostly from the engineering background. 

Technical writers can explain a simple or complex machine to the users in a simple language. Hence, technical writing holds an important space in content writing. 

5. Business Writer 

Who is a Content Writer
Who is a Content Writer

Any business, be it a big establishment or a small startup needs a business writer. It is one of the highly professional content writing jobs. It requires a writing approach that is direct and meaningful. 

Business writing would involve writing deals for the companies. The writing establishes relationships with their clients. 

It also involves writing proposals, memos, presentations, emails, project summaries, etc. Sales and marketing proposals, brand campaigns, business letters are also part of business writing.

If you like doing writings such as these, and hold a talent for it, then such jobs would pay you well. You also need to learn and read about business practices to get a good hold of business writing skills.

Such content writing jobs can also get you to a senior position in the company if you pursue it properly. Or else you can be a freelance business writer and get clients through your rich experience in business writing. 

6. Social Media Writer

Social media is the reason that many companies now can advertise themselves on various platforms. Writing and managing social media are in huge demand. 

Companies hire social media writers to outsource their content on social media. Managing the content in social media is one of their content writing job descriptions.

They create content that can influence the audience and drive them to the website’s landing page. The writers need to engage the audience. They need to express their words creatively and make them aware of the brand. You can get full-time and part-time content writing jobs in this field. Such content writers go by the name of social media managers. 

Companies hire such writers to manage social media. But, writers also create a profitable digital presence for the company. They help a company fulfill brand marketing purposes in the digital space. 

You need not have a management degree specifically to be a social media manager. Hirings are on the basis of talent and experience that you get over the years. 

7. SEO Content Writer 

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

SEO content writing jobs are always in demand. Writers who are SEO professionals have the talent to optimize web content. Hence, many companies rely on SEO content writers.

Writing SEO-friendly articles, blogs and other such write-ups are the main roles of an SEO content writer. Such writers get work from many countries like Australia, the USA, UK. 

SEO content writers do thorough keyword research. They take care of all SEO parameters while writing. The write-ups they create are very informative to the audience.

The audience also looks forward to reading such write-ups. SEO content writers improve the search engine ranking’s of a company’s website. Hence, they are responsible for bringing more traffic to the website because of SEO-friendly practices.

8. Research Writer 

Many industries hire research writers for making many technical and scientific reports and proposals. Such content writing jobs need long hours of working on reports and researching. The main challenge lies in keeping up with the deadlines.

Research writers study various reports and proposals. They refer to various books, look upon the facts and statistics to prepare the reports. Thus, such writers need to have the ability to devote a lot of time to research. 

They present all the data they collect in a way that is understandable to everyone. The writing style is direct, but yet must be readable for a common man. 

Research writers mainly belong to a certain technical and scientific background depending upon the area of research. That makes them capable to write and convey the people the about research they conduct.

9. Press Release Writer

Press release writing is also one of the types of content writing jobs. Many content writing agencies ask writers to write press releases. A press release in today’s time may sound conventional, but it is not the exact case. 

Press releases are useful for marketing purposes to date. Press release writers write about new launches, mergers, award or event announcements, new dealings, etc. 

The writers need to write concisely and inform the audience about the event. 

Companies announce all sales initiatives through press releases. So, press release writings are an important part of content marketing.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

10. Freelance Writer 

Freelance writing is the best way to earn money online. There are a lot of content writing jobs available for freelancers. Freelance writers get the privilege of selecting the projects according to their practical convenience. 

Freelance writers manage and write web content for different clients. They work for the client’s website. They manage and upgrade the client’s web pages. Writing blogs, articles, optimizing landing pages, content creation, managing social media are all kinds of jobs the freelancer does.

A freelancer can be any kind of content writer. They can be copywriters, technical or business writers, bloggers, etc. They handle various kinds of web content and manage their client’s work. 

Freelance content writing jobs are available for full-timers and part-timers. Such writers can work from anywhere they want to. They work for various organizations and handle various projects. 

For freelancers, the skill to write diverse kinds of content is important. A lot of practice in writing, and reading a lot of web content can help develop writing abilities. 


The content writing sector has a vast field of job requirements every day. There are many content writing jobs that a content writer can get into. One needs to select the kind of content writing and master it. The content writing job descriptions usually demand a good experience portfolio. 

If you are a beginner, then you must look forward to guest blogging or publish blogs on your website. This will help you in getting quality backlinks and aid in developing your portfolio.  Thus, even a small opportunity of hiring is also a stepping stone to success in a content writer’s career. 

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Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

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