A Comprehensive Guide to Earn Money from Blogging

A Comprehensive Guide to Earn Money from Blogging

Hello everyone! Are you interested in writing a blog and starting to earn money from blogging? Are you a beginner and don’t know how to start blogging? I will help you by discussing blogs due to which you can make money online. To earn money from blogging is simple and easy and you can follow the guide to create your blog here. Writing a blog is a very interesting task and there are lots of niches that you can select and create interesting, knowledgeable, and true content. There is no age bar whether you are 30 or 60, you can write easily. This comprehensive guide is very helpful for every blogger who wants to describe their experience by writing content.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

3 Things That You Need To Start A Blog On WordPress:

There are 3 things that you will need before creating a blog. There are:

  1. Purchase a domain with your blog name like meblogger.com
  2. Web hosting required after buying a domain to live your website
  3. Your 30 minutes attention

Yes, you are getting the right knowledge here. If you follow the step-by-step guide for an informative and attractive blog, you will surely make money from blogging.

Creating A Website On WordPress To Make Money Using Blogs


Step 1: You Need A Domain Name And Web Hosting

95% of bloggers prefer the WordPress platform to build up the website for blogs. This is because it is free to install plugins, to use them, to customize the blog design, and one of the most important points i.e to make money using blogs. You should use WordPress.org for web hosting. It is the no.1 platform to create a website. It’s free and you can set it up by yourself.

Now you should know what a domain name is. It is the name of your website or the address of your website on the internet. It is charged yearly. And on the other hand, web hosting is the place where the website files live. You can simply pay an annual or monthly amount. There is also the option for different facilities while purchasing a domain like you can buy the extra package as domain privacy + protection, SiteLock Security – Find, SSL+ domain+web hosting, and so on.

Once the purchasing gets completed you will find an email in your inbox with details of login id about the web hosting control panel. It is the place where you can manage everything inside the hosting, support, email, and all other website-related things.

Step 2: Install WordPress

When you go to sign up for the new version of the web host, it will automatically install the WordPress. It helps to make it easy to create a blog.  And if you don’t know technical knowledge, then you can also handle and create an eye-catching blog here. You only need to log in to the hosting account and go to the log in to WordPress button to start to post your blog.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Step 3: Choose the WordPress Theme

An eye-catchy appearance of a blog is essential to display the information where readers can come. It is important to have an attractive theme on your website which gives a new look and attraction to your website. After getting the WordPress hosting, you can choose the theme where your blog gets controlled. Your first blog will not be very appealing but you can customize its look. 

There are different types of WordPress themes in which you can choose your exciting and attractive theme. It is available free and as well as paid. You can also change your theme by visiting the WordPress Dashboard by clicking on Appearance and then on the themes option.

After that, you have to click on the Add New button. The next screen will appear and you can search the various types of themes here which are available on the WordPress.org directory. You can also sort it by latest, popular, featured, and as well as filters theme (e.g. layout, industry, etc.)

If you take the mouse over the theme, and you will find the preview button. By clicking on the theme preview, you will see the design which will get published on your website. It is like a screenshot and you can also customize it later. You will get colors, designs, typography, and other elements which are useful to publish your arranged and attractive blog.

It is advised here that you should prefer the theme which has simplicity in its design. It will help you to keep things clear and clean and also gives a good feeling and experience to the users.

After getting your selected theme, you can simply scroll the mouse on it that will show the Instal Button. Just click on it and get the theme installation process. After this process, the Activate button will appear and you need to click on that to Activate the selected theme. Here you can post your first blog.

Step 4: Create the First Blog

There is an option available to post your blog. After writing your blog, you will be able to post it by clicking on the option of Post – Add New in the WordPress dashboard menu. An editor zone will appear and once you have done your blog writing, click on the publish button which is available in the top-right screen corner.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Step 5: Customizations and Plugins

Once you complete the method of a blog post, you can add other elements on the website like galleries, newsletter, subscription form, contact form, sliders, etc. These are the Plugins that are apps and you can easily add new features to your website. 

Other features are important to apply to your website. It will help you to monitor the website and you can easily earn money from blogging.

Different Types Of Helpful Methods To Make Money From Blogging:

Step 1: Create WordPress Contact Form

It is important to note that all websites need to add a contact form. It allows the users to email directly and contact you frequently. So, never skip that! For this, you will need the WordPress form builder Plugin. Choose the proper method to install contact form Plugin i.e. Plugins – Add New – Click on Install – Click on Activate – Go to the WordPress Forms – Add New – Click on Simple ContactForm template – select the field option – click on save button. Now you can create a new page of ‘Contact’.

Step 2: Google Analytics Setup

Better Insights From Google Analytics
Better Insights From Google Analytics

It helps to see the number of people who visit your blog and where they are coming from. At first, you have to go to sign in to the Gmail account and then sign up for the free Google Analytics account. When you p[rovide the website URL you will get Google Analytics code to track your website. Just copy it and paste it on your website homepage under the HTML coding section <head>.

Step 3: SEO to optimize WordPress Blog

SEO is the compulsory action that is required to rank your blog page. It allows users to find your blog at the time of searching. You can find the WordPress SEO Plugin which is very helpful to optimize your site. This Plugin comes with a configuration wizard and you can quickly install it. It helps to create the sitemap, you can place the Meta Keyword, Meta Description, Meta Title here and also add schema.

Step 4: Other Important WordPress Plugins and Customizations:

Here are some of the different plugins which are used by experts:

Email marketing: It is used to get email subscribers and you can create popups, call to action buttons, and scroll boxes.

Traffic and subscribers: It connects with visitors after they leave your site.

Design and Customization: You can design your homepage and create a custom landing page. You can also create custom themes without any code.

Performance: WP Rocket or WP Super is highly recommended for experts to use to speed up the WordPress site to perform it well.

Security: The free security scanner is also available for WordPress like Sucuri Security. It helps to secure the blog.

Backup: If you create a backup file, it will help you to secure the blog. You can use the UpdraftPlus as the best WordPress backup plugin.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Now It’s Time To Make Money From Blogging!

These all steps clear that you have created your blog as per your choice and demand of people that they like to read. It will show you how to make money using blogs. There are different successful ways to monetize the blog. Here I am going to describe some of the demanded methods to monetize your blog.

Google Adsense: You can show ads on your blog It is the best way to monetize the blog.

Affiliate Marketing: You can recommend the products and services to your readers. When they get a purchase, you will get a commission.

Online-store: You can add physical products and digital download facilities like music, artwork, ebooks, etc.

These all helpful techniques and besides these techniques, you can also use some extra features like adding videos and images to your web blog. You can add a podcast and can also change the language. You can also publish your blogs in multiple languages.

One thing is that you should always go for the best Niches that will help you carry the blogging for a long period and start to earn money from blogging. This is also one of the most important steps to choose a good niche.

Profitable Blog Niches To Earn Money From Blogging:

Business Blogs
Business Blogs

There are plenty of blog niches where you can make money. Here I have described five important Niches for writing blogs. These are:

  1. Travel Blog: It includes Adventure Travel Blog, Personal travel blog, Region-specific travel blog, Camping travel Blog, Food travel Blog. You can write about the travel industry which has big growth in affiliate marketing. You can generate income through the travel blog. Some tips you can utilize here like hotel reviews, recommending travel gear, and writing a travel guide. You can also use some points to write a travel blog like holiday pirates.
  2. Health: The health sector is very big to catch. It has a continuous growth market and you can make it a niche to make money using blogs. You can write about supplements, health care, fitness, weight loss tips, proper intake of diet, etc.
  3. E-Learning: Many users go online to read books or due to revolutionary change the learning system is also getting an online platform. It is an easy-to-access method that one can read and get knowledge anytime anywhere. As a result, the E-Learning platform has become a more profitable niche. You can use some tips like Guitar Lesson, English Language, web development class, Photoshop tutorials, pet care, and training.
  4. Fashion & Beauty: Here you will find varieties of sub-niches about fashion like personal fashion, Makeup tutorials, Jewellery reviews, men’s fashion, women’s shoes, etc. A fashion blog has a great demand and it has a big potential for affiliate marketing to recommend products.
  5. Mobile or PC Games: In the technology world, the gaming industries are on the boom because children like to play games online. It is the fastest-growing market and you can use the tips here to write interesting blogs such as video games, app reviews, tech gadgets, video games tutorials, PC repairs, and builds.

Blog Niches gives you interesting and profitable ideas to write content. You can choose such types of categories and make money from blogging. So, it is clear that you can create your blog with eye-catchy designs and themes to write informative and interesting blogs. You can start to earn money from blogging!

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class


Everyone wants to earn money online nowadays. You don’t have to spend lots of time but you have to maintain the continuity on the blog. Blog writing is the marvelous concept of making money online. You have to create the blog website and you can proceed to write the blog by choosing the niche as per the market growth. To make money from blogging is very simple and easy. You can start writing by following this guide.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

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