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Guest Blogging Guidelines

Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to the Skills Upgrader's blog. Below, we give insight into the output of our guest contributors that we predict. Read these rules for style and submissions before you begin your blog.
  • Content Should be based on Content Marketing, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Career Options, Education and Professional Growth
  • Your article must be 1800+ words and give our readers something useful.
  • By noting the author’s bio and illustration in the post, we give credit to our guest writers. The minimum requirement to becoming a contributor on Skills Upgrader is that you will have to publish a minimum of 7-10 blogs. You will get one do-follow backlink in the content and the other in Author Bio with the link on the name of the company that you represent.
  • To make your post more concise, add subheadings & bullet points.
  • We only accept special blogs that have not already been written anywhere else.
  • We would have full control of your blog until published and you will not post it somewhere else.
  • We reserve the right to make some slight changes to your post.
  • Photos and videos are welcomed since they are powerful resources to draw readers’ interest.
  • The photos should be 600 pixels or less in dimension. Send them as a different attachment, please.
  • In terms of photos, we hope that you will not breach copyright. If needed, remember to give credit.
  • Instead of sending us your article directly, share your thoughts about the subject and see if it fits our criteria.
  • For our blog post, we don’t allow commercial content.
  • Instead of sending us your article directly, share your thoughts about the subject and see if it fits our criteria.

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