The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Marketing for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Marketing for Beginners

For the last few years, companies and marketers have actively used social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to help them expand their brand’s presence and, as a result, create further sales. Many advertisers believe that Snapchat, the once-reserved for teenagers and young adults social media site, is now a medium that can be used to bolster the brand’s marketing campaigns and expand your scope. In reality, the photo-sharing app is used by 53% of all internet users in the United States between the ages of 15 and 25.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Snapchat is a remarkable network, both in terms of features and the content that people hope to encounter there, so getting started with Snapchat marketing can be intimidating. Since we believe in inspiring entrepreneurs, we’ve put together this definitive Snapchat guide to assist brands, advertisers, and entrepreneurs with their Snapchat marketing activities.

You’ll have all the knowledge you need to thrive while selling on Snapchat by the end of this tutorial, and you’ll be able to develop an amazing Snapchat marketing strategy for your business. 

Snapchat Marketing Strategy – Why For Business

Snapchat Marketing Strategy
Snapchat Marketing Strategy

It’s important to connect with any marketing platform available while starting and running a company to ensure that the brand reaches as many customers as possible. After all, anyone who interacts with your brand has the opportunity to become a buyer. Snapchat provides you with access to a database of over 229 million monthly users who produce over 10 billion video views per day, providing you with a simple opportunity to expand your brand.

1. More Possibilities and Less Competition

Almost every popular e-commerce company has a profile on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest. There’s a good explanation for this: these networks have a direct line of communication with millions of active users. Fortunately, several companies are yet to develop a Snapchat presence, allowing you to break through to establish your brand on the site.

2. Snapchat Is Free To Use

It’s vital to keep in mind that Snapchat is a free marketing platform that you can use to help your company expand and thrive. When running a company, you could be spending money on Facebook ads, Google ads, and email marketing promotions, so Snapchat may help you get better results without draining your marketing budget.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

3. Interactive Content

Snapchat is an entertaining forum for the users because of the unique, time-sensitive nature of the content it features. If you build your brand through brand marketing as a pioneer on the web, as Taco Bell has done with their creative Snapchat marketing strategy, you’ll be able to reach a far larger audience than if you just advertised on Facebook.

Marketing On Snapchat – Starting The Process

Now that we’ve gone over some of the reasons why Snapchat marketing can be a beneficial content strategy for your company’s growth, it’s time to go over how to create a Snapchat account for your business.

1. Create an Account

When you’re just getting started with marketing on Snapchat, the first thing you’ll have to do is create an account on the website. It’s important to mention that, unlike Facebook, there is currently no way to build a business account. With this in mind, you may want to try out the app on a personal level before diving into Snapchat marketing for your business.

To begin, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download Snapchat. Pick the ‘Sign Up’ option after installing Snapchat on your mobile device, and then type your first and last name. Then enter your birth date and a username as well. We suggest using your brand name here so that people can immediately notice your business.

You’ll need to create a password for your account until you’ve decided on a username. Be sure it’s secured — you want to keep all of your company’s assets safe and protected. After that, you’ll need to confirm your account via email or text message, and then you’ll be ready to create your new Snapchat account. The Snapchat ghost icon will appear at the top left of your phone. To get your Snapcode (more on that later), manage your contacts, and update your profile picture. Snapcodes make it simple to add a shortcut to your company’s website that can be used in a variety of marketing promotions — you can also use your logo here.

2. Creating Snapcode For Business

A Snapcode is a scannable code that works similarly to a QR code that can be used to quickly exchange account information. Snapchat users can easily check a Snapcode using their phone cameras to add you as a friend on the site, and they’ll be able to see your Snapchat marketing activity once that’s done.

Click the ghost icon, just as you did when making your profile picture, and tap the settings icon at the top right of your screen to create a Snapcode for your business profile. Once you’ve selected preferences, you’ll see a tab labeled “Snapcodes,” which you must pick. Select the ‘Create Snapcode’ choice from the drop-down menu. Here you can enter the URL address for your business, which will help you attract traffic to your website. After that, you can add a picture from your website or camera roll to complete your Snapcode for your business profile.

Snapchat Marketing – Using Stories

Snapchat Marketing - Using Stories
Snapchat Marketing – Using Stories

A Snapchat Story is a collection of photographs, videos, or a mix of the two that is only available for 24 hours. All of the tools we’ve listed above will help you tailor everything you add to your Snapchat Story, and it’s a good idea to do so because it’ll help you make more entertaining content for your followers.

It may sound reasonable to send each snap directly to your followers when you’re first getting started with Snapchat marketing, but this isn’t a scalable option. Instead, when it comes to marketing on Snapchat, we consider using Snapchat Stories.

It’s important to get as many followers as possible by using Snapchat Stories to advertise on Snapchat. Snapchat would only allow users you’ve added as friends to see your stories by default. We suggest that you adjust this configuration so that everybody can see your Snapchat Stories if you want to be competitive with Snapchat marketing.

To do so, press on the gear icon to open your Snapchat settings. Scroll down before you see an option named ‘Who Can… -> View My Story,’ which you must pick. Simply pick the ‘Everyone’ button from this menu, and your Snapchat Stories will be visible to everyone who follows your account.

Snapchat Marketing – Using Snap

We’ve already established that Snapchat is a one-of-a-kind social networking site, both in terms of features and content. Snapchat’s most famous feature is called a snap. A single message, containing either picture or video information, is sent to either a single user or a group of users using this function.

You will use both the back camera and the front camera when making Snaps. You can also quickly import a file from your camera roll and use it. This offers you the option of creating entirely new content or repurposing content you’ve already created for your Snapchat marketing activities. You can also use your camera roll to advertise photos of your merchandise to your audience if you run an e-commerce company.

Some of the features to use for snap are:

1. Using Text

Adding any text to a snap is one of the best ways to personalize your Snapchat content. You can apply the text to an image in two ways: by clicking on the snapshot you just took, or by tapping on the ‘T’ button in the top corner. When editing your snaps, you can change the color, size, and location of your text. This will give the Snapchat marketing efforts a new level.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

2. Using Sticker

Snapchat has a variety of pre-made stickers that you can use to decorate your snaps. If you want to use stickers in your Snapchat activity, go to the sticker icon and click the sticker icon. From here, you can choose from a wide range of stickers to help you make your Snapchat efforts come to life. When it comes to Snapchat ads, stickers are a brilliant way to connect with the audience and make your content stand out. Any snap can have a variety of stickers that you can switch and resize as you see fit.

3. Using Custom Stickers

You can build your own personalized stickers if you want to make Snapchat content that is completely original. You can use Snapchat’s native tool to upload a screenshot that you’ve taken and then transform it into a sticker. 

Simply pick the section of the picture you’d like to cut out with your fingers, choose the scissors option, and the sticker will be saved to the app automatically. You can also change the sticker’s colour, delete any unnecessary areas, and resize it to your liking.

4. Use Bitmoji

Bitmoji can also be used to add a variety of new Snapchat stickers to your account, including a cartoon version of yourself. You’ll need to download the Bitmoji app from the App Store or Play Store to use this tool, but it’s a fun feature that will help you with your Snapchat marketing strategy. After you’ve built your Bitmoji account, connect it to your Snapchat account, and the stickers will be generated automatically.

Snapchat Marketing – Creating a Strategy

Snapchat Marketing - Creating a Strategy
Snapchat Marketing – Creating a Strategy

It’s critical to plan if you want to use Snapchat as a long-term marketing tool for your business. You’ll be able to schedule your Snapchat content to align with your other everyday activities if you build a Snapchat marketing campaign, and it’ll help you ensure a consistent supply of cool content for your fans.

1. Plan In Advance

If you’re using Snapchat for marketing, we strongly advise you to make a content schedule — not just to help you plan what you’ll share, but also to help you consider how often you’ll post. You’ll want to provide high-quality material for your audience, and careful preparation will assist you in doing so.

2. Consistent Posting

It’s important to post on Snapchat on a daily basis if you want to excel. This will help you expand your audience while also ensuring that your current fans watch your content on a daily basis.

3. Narration

Take the time to consider how you can better create a storyline for your audience after you’ve mapped out the material you’ll be sharing on a particular day. Snapchat stories can (and should) be divided up into several parts.

If you’re promoting one of your store’s newest offerings, for example, it’s impossible that you’ll only have 10 seconds of material to give your viewers. Be inventive — you should make individual snaps that detail the product’s size and form, key features, quality, and a call to action for your customers (call to action). If you incorporate the concept of a story into your Snapchat marketing plan, your campaigns are likely to be even more successful.

4. Experimentation

Since most businesses haven’t tried Snapchat marketing yet, there’s still some doubt about the science of Snapchat performance. This means you could discover a whole different way to communicate with your audience and, as a result, boost profits, that no other company has attempted before. Perhaps you’ve discovered that selling a Snapchat-only coupon code is the most powerful way to advertise with Snapchat. Perhaps you’ll have a lot of success providing helpful guidance about how to apply your goods to your fans. Use these insights to refine your Snapchat marketing activities. You’ll get a good sense of what engages your audience pretty quickly.

5. Create and Enjoy

Snapchat is a one-of-a-kind social media site brimming with personalities, so have some fun when using it to build your company. Some new ideas you come up with should be tried out. Take a bet on a new campaign you’re planning. For advertisers, Snapchat is a fantastic medium for expressing yourself and the brand’s distinct voice.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class


We spoke about Snapcodes earlier in this guide to Snapchat Marketing, and how they make it simple for other users to join you. When it comes to increasing your followers on the website, Snapcodes can be your most powerful weapon.

Use your brand’s Snapcode with your newsletters, social media updates, or famous web pages to help push traffic to your Snapchat marketing campaigns.

These are just suggestions for using Snapchat for business purposes. Of course, you know what’s best for your company, but if you can get the most out of Snapchat for business, it might be a profitable tool.

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