All You Need to Know About WhatsApp Marketing

All You Need to Know About WhatsApp Marketing

Are you getting confused about Whatsapp marketing? Before going to start in detail, I am here to clarify the WhatsApp, its functions, and how people interact with this app because it is very important to know that when the mobile gets opened by users, they mostly see their messages on WhatsApp. It has become an important part of chatting and business.

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Many businesses are growing with this app because they know that people are taking an interest to use this app widely and it is famous throughout the world. It also gives access to an internet connection. It is its speciality. So, it has become an important segment for doing business.

What is WhatsApp?

 What is WhatsApp?
What is WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is a mobile application and it is free to download. It is used for chatting, text messages to send and receive free calls, video calls, and many more. There is no fee to sign up and it is virtually used for international calls. Not only is it simple to use, but it also offers enhanced features and customizations than traditional SMS messaging. Whatsapp may seem like not more than messaging, but it can do more!. Just know about it here:

Secure messaging: It uses end to end encryption and applies a secure communication standard due to which only those people can see and edit the message who are messaging.

Voice messaging: One can easily record and send a voice message. It is instant to use and quickly do the activity.

Facility to create a group: You can create a group to chat or text message send video or anything among several people which you know them.

Voice and video calls: Whatsapp offers both voice and video calls. It also includes a group function and allows eight participants on one call.

Photos and video sharing: People take interest to send photos and videos on this app. It is an easy app to send GIFs without worrying that it will get corrupt. The images and videos can be easily downloaded from this app.

Document sharing: You can send all kinds of documents such as a spreadsheet, PDFs, Slideshows, Word doc, etc.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Desktop access: It also allows the desktop version of PC and Mac.

WhatsApp business: The account can be created by entrepreneurs and show the products and services to connect with customers on a platform that is easy to access and also familiar to interact with.

You need to know here how you can use WhatsApp. You need to download it on iOS or Android and create an account. After downloading the application, you require your phone number to create an account because it does not allow any special name. It identifies people by their phone numbers. It gives the automatic accessibility to add the number to your contact list. Some useful tips to use on WhatsApp is that you can:

  • Change the chat background
  • Hide your online status
  • Block a contact
  • Find a contact
  • Add a contact on WhatsApp
  • Delete a contact
  • Delete a group chat
  • Delete a message

Whatsapp is very safe to use. Nobody can see your message and when you make a call, it will become unable to hear from the third party. You can set up two-step verification in the setting menu. Here you can add a PIN to prohibit anyone who can maliciously access your account. It is also used to share the location and you can easily send your located place to anyone that is where you are. For this, you have to choose the “+” icon to the left and simply choose the location option from the type text box.

Some broad features of Whatsapp:

  • You can send a single message to multiple people at once by clicking on the three dots which is the menu function of WhatsApp.
  • You can format the text in bold, italic, and strikethrough. Use an asterisk for bold, underscore for italics, and tilde for strikethrough.
  • You can find out who you chat with a lot by simply scrolling through the chat screen.
  • You can save data while using WhatsApp on the mobile network.
  • You can mute chat and groups
  • You can control the privacy
  • You can easily share documents
  • You can read the message without the blue trick
  • You can stop auto download of videos and images to save data
  • You can add dates to your calendar
  • You can easily add shortcuts to the home screen for individual chats
  • By creating a group with your friend and simply deleting him from this group, you will be alone. This will help you to get your messages to send to yourself.
  • You can transfer the files from mobile to PC
  • You can protect your chats by disabling the notification preview
  • You can send different types of emojis
  • You can send giant heart
  • You can quotes message with chats
  • You can delete multiple chats
  • You can highlight some messages and these are called star message
  • You can mark the chats as unread
  • You can reply directly from the notification bar
  • You can save the chatting as a Backup on Google Drive
  • WhatsApp facilitates the backup/ export chat and media to email
  • You can change the wallpaper
  • You can use different languages
  • You get early updates
  • You can receive money at a free charge by installing the FreeCharge.
  • You can share contacts
  • You can use the gallery of your camera icon to send photos
  • You can get a backup of your all previous messages

The above are some wide range of features of What’s App which are important to know for the user. These features are widely used in sales and marketing for business promotion and growth by communicating and adding people.

How is WhatsApp giving the craze of doing the business?

WhatsApp for Business
WhatsApp for Business

It is very easy to start your small business through Whatsapp. It is mobile-friendly and most people like to use it. They are most of the time familiar with this app and always present with their activities on this application. So, you can simply use this app to do your business. You can just start it by using internal communication with your employees. You will get better responses and engagement with your customer by using WhatsApp communication. It is also used for customer support. It is widely used for marketing and promotion. It is a cost-effective platform for business.

Step to step guide about WhatsApp marketing:

What is Whatsapp marketing? It is important to get a step by step guide if you are going to start your business. Some points are illustrated here. Just get the idea of what is WhatsApp marketing. This has become a very important part of digital marketing too. Every digital marketer uses this platform for developing the popularity of the business. 

Digital marketing is broad and widely used by companies. Hence WhatsApp has also become a part of digital marketing and it is also preferred by the digital marketing agencies that you should do the WhatsApp marketing for your business profit.

In digital marketing, WhatsApp is used to deliver information to the customer about the product and services. You can give all information by creating a short URL of your website. WhatsApp marketing is very popular nowadays and it has generated a new segment for the Micro-sized business owner.

WhatsApp is free to download and it helps to grow business in a wide range. It communicates more effectively and it is secure to use with customers. It has all business features which make it easy to get success. The features are like quick replies, labels the automated system to help business, one can quickly respond and sort the customer messages.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

WhatsApp has also released the APIs to aim to provide large scale enterprises and medium scale businesses with proper functionalities to integrate with CRM, messages through the existing tech stack, automated process, unlimited broadcast message, use contact list of own database, instead of phone contacts, assign repetitive tasks to bots, etc. here are the factors that a business get consider to run smoothly.

WhatsApp Business App: Few points clear the concept that WhatsApp business App is created for business especially.

Company size: For micro-business (1-6 employees), It is not possible to use this app for multiple users. It means only one person is allowed to respond to the queries.

Customer persona: B2C customers who require quick assistance while purchasing the product are mostly millennials. Gen Z users are online shoppers and hope for a response in real-time.

Business requirement: It gives low query volumes, requires only basic automation, low broadcast message, and doesn’t need the chatbots.

WhatsApp Business APIs: Here is the right choice for your business:

Company size: Medium size business, SMB, and enterprise.

Customer persona: They look for a quick answer by purchasing track orders, book tickets, e-commerce stores, or even need to chat with the owner.

Business requirement: High query volume with multiple support, integrate CRM or CSS, automate the process such as cancellation, refunds using chatbots, order status, etc. customize the message template and send bulk notifications, add contacts through APIs, and reduce overloading IVRs and want to deflect calls by using the option of press 1.

Set up the whats App business account: It has 4 steps:

  • Download the WhatsApp Business app from the Google Play Store 
  • Verify the business phone number.
  • Set up the business name and category
  • Build the profile

Types of WhatsApp business tools to set up: 

WhatsApp business tools
WhatsApp business tools

Messaging tools: Greeting message, greeting message template, quick replies, away message, away message template, 

Labels: It is used to organize the conversation and make it easy to find the chat message.

Catalogue: It is a storefront of business showcase and helps to send photos of the products.

Know about some WhatsApp marketing campaign examples:

5 WhatsApp marketing campaign examples are given here.

Absolute vodka: It was established in 2013 and to celebrate the launch, it has hosted two invites with an exclusive party. This method generates the needs among the people to send WhatsApp messages to interact with Sven (the virtual doorman).

The liquor ticker: It is among the genius and creative WhatsApp marketing campaign examples. It was implemented for a Delhi restaurant in India by Dentsu Webchtney. It displayed new offers, new menus, new logos, new gigs to those who have saved its cafe’s number.

Persil: It was launched in 2015 and its campaign had run in Kenya and asked users around the country to send 15 seconds videos on WhatsApp.

Heineken: Its campaign was related to our inclined showcase. It has proposed and built the Ongair. It has built a robot to give ultimate fans and challenge for the ultimate prize. Fans watched the games and enjoyed getting the word “champions” on WhatsApp.

Share a coke: 21st-century marketing brings the Share a Coke campaign which took the words with the storm to connect the consumers on a personal level.

So, it makes a brilliant WhatsApp campaign. The campaign needs as:

  • Be interactive and engaging to talk to a user.
  • Encourage user opt-in
  • Provide clear and simple instructions
  • Lastly, be creative

Now you can start your campaign with ease and collect the huge customers in your database. These are the procedures to run WhatsApp marketing and due to this reason, you can easily set up your business.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Conclusion: It has been defined here that you can now start up your own business with WhatsApp marketing. It has given a wide segment to the business owners to get a high growth. The campaign is also very attractive by this method and you can easily create a huge database of your customers by using this strategy of WhatsApp marketing. Digital marketing has also given the solution to do WhatsApp marketing. Many business owners contact for doing this business to digital marketers. It is an interesting and fruitful result-oriented business strategy. You can now get the ideal tips from here and start your business campaign also to get more and more customers for your products and services.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

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