Importance of Social Media Marketing Every Marketer Should Know

Importance of Social Media Marketing Every Marketer Should Know

Tell me that you want to know more about the importance of social media marketing without telling me that you want to know more about the importance of social media marketing?

Well! No need to tell! Your presence here makes it clear! Any marketer in today’s world knows the influence of social media. 

All budding digital marketers must be aware of social media marketing too! Those who aren’t, no worries! Tick this off your bucket list by reading this blog and I’ll stop talking like an Instagrammer for the time being.

Social Media
Social Media

As time flies, faster than ever in this digital age, the value of social media marketing seems to increase. Exponentially! More than ever before. Want proof?  Have a look! 

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Sprout social states that

  • In Q3 2020,  Twitter showcased an average of 187 million monetizable daily active users that is up by 29 percent year after year
  • 96 percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn. As they rely on it for content distribution
  • 83 percent of B2B  marketers use social media for advertising purposes
  • Facebook makes most of its money through advertising. It has around nine million daily active users (Q2, 2020)
  • Looking at the number of active users, it is clear that the top social media networks are Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp and Facebook messenger

Moral: The stats don’t lie! The data makes us clear, that why a marketer nowadays must know about the importance of social media marketing. 

In social media marketing lies the immense potential for a business to get organic traffic to the website and leads. So, the value of social media marketing in this digital age remains precious!

Social media users trust the brand that has a social presence as they get the opportunity to interact with the brands. Customers feel that such brands are accessible. 

When they have a query, want a response, or know about the latest products, all they have to do is log into their accounts and get in touch with them on social media platforms. 

Again, here’s the proof!

Global State Of Digital 2021 tells us that 44.8 percent of social media users globally depend on social media for brand information as of 2020. The growth seems to be exponential regarding the endless lockdowns during pandemics when all we could do is, trust the digital world for anything and everything

Marketers have a great role to play when it comes to launching new products. They can strategically lay their advertising skills to meet their small to big goals. They can run ad campaigns on social media forums to provide social media visibility to the brand. They can increase conversions. 

This is all true in today’s world. How? Let’s start knowing one by one the importance of social media marketing that every marketer needs to be aware of. 

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Highlights That Show The Importance Of Social Media Marketing 

1. Importance Of Social Media Marketing In Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness

Suppose that you create social media account for the brand. But, do not do anything for creating brand awareness, would it get leads? 

A social media marketer needs to analyze the demographics, reports on metrics to reach out to the viewers. Only then these viewers would become leads. And such leads, potential customers. 

Social media marketers create awareness about the brand when it encourages interactions.

Such interactions create interest in viewers. This leads them to inquire more about the brand. They would like to spend time on the brand’s social media page. It encourages them to take a ‘call to action’ (CTA). Such CTAs can lead them to the brand’s website and initiate sales. This way, through social media, the brand gets more customers. 

In short, awareness generates CTAs. The number of viewers at the brand awareness point is more than the number of potential customers that take CTAs. Yet, brand awareness indirectly aims for conversions.

So, you can say that a brand on social media can just not exist. It needs to create awareness where it exists. Getting visibility is a good thing in social media marketing. For more viewers and more customers. 

How do social media experts create brand awareness? The answer lies in the next highlight.

2. The Secret To Brand Awareness Lies In Engaging With The Audience

Social media marketers use strategies to fetch more audiences. They do extensive research on

  • The demographics
  • On what the audience expects
  • Data on engagement rate based on periodic metrics reports, etc.

Based on such studies they ideate content, that the audience would want to see. The more the content receives attention, the more will be the views. The more the views, the chances of them hitting the CTA becomes more too! 

So, organic traffic on the website increases too! This highlight about audience engagement stresses the importance of social media marketing every marketer should know. 

Brand marketing without goals of audience engagement means that a marketer is missing out on a lot.

Ideating catchy content is that’s why so important! Also, manifesting that idea in an actual form that is the content itself is so very important from a marketing point of view. 

A promising and effective content can be in the form of 

  • Written posts
  • Videos
  • Images 
  • Promotional campaigns that social media marketers design
  • Audience poll 
  • Infographics
  • Webinars or hosting live sessions on various social media platforms

To create engaging content, all such content formats must have an attention-worthy effect. Content creators and marketing experts brainstorm on ideas, and data from research. Such things enable them to deliver captivating content that engages the audience. 

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3. By Engaging With More Audience The Brand Gets Its A Grip On Its Community

As followers increase on social media, the brand starts having its community. A community looks for reliance, update on new products, discount, sale, reviews, etc. 

The viewers can connect with the brand. 

Isn’t building a healthy relationship with customers and competitors vital?

Building a community can help the business evaluate 

  • What the audience thinks and expects
  • How can they be more valuable to the customers?
  • Rectify mistakes based on previous posts, data, reviews
  • Instill trust and awareness about the brand 
  • Understand marketing techniques of competitors 

The brand can have communities all over different social media platforms. The content creators and marketers have expertise in creating posts on different platforms. Hence,  reach out to more people, and build a community. 

So, the importance of social media marketing also lies in building social communities on such forums.  It helps the business to establish networks with other professionals. 

4. Every Marketer Searches For A Cost-Effective Marketing Technique


Social media marketing platforms are a boon to marketers! Let’s look at the cost-effectiveness aspect. The sentence involves the words “cost-effective”, so you can imagine the value of social media marketing right now!

Advertisements during the good old days make us nostalgic. But the cost? We should interview those good old advertisers on the budget those days! Tv advertising attracts a lot more masses even now. As TV, is still a staple source of information for people of every age.

Nowadays, there is an increase in social media users in this digital age. We live in a space where we can expand small businesses through social media. 

A small budget can help in expansions. So, advertising on social media is also becoming effective with each passing day. 

Budget management is one big aspect that every marketer takes seriously. Social media advertising costs less than TV ads. Plus, the money invested gets a good ROI. 

5. Social Media Presence Improves The Brand’s Search Rankings

For getting organic traffic for the business or brand, writing blogs is important. Also, upgrading the website and blogs are important. Using necessary keywords is important. All kinds of SEO factors are important. 

Yet in current times, having a social media presence has also become an important SEO factor. 

Branching out in as many relevant social media platforms has almost become inevitable. Having an effective presence can lead to effective search rankings. These are some new wonders of algorithms that decide rankings. 

So, every marketer must know the impact of social media marketing on a business. Hence, the importance of social media marketing. 

6. Importance Of Social Media Marketing In Maintaining Brand Reputation

Brand reputation depends on the quality products and services that the business offers. Along with it in the backdrop, who do you think can maintain the brand reputation of the business? 

If you think it is the social media team, then it’s right! The creative group, managing, and marketing teams involved in running social media are responsible for maintaining the reputation online.

Posting content, creating eye-catching content on regular basis, etc. are not the only factors that define brand reputation. Also, being there for the customers at the hour of need is very vital.

A business may face genuine criticism. A brand can get a genuine negative review. Customers can ask you to give a quick response. At all such times, giving a response to genuine problems is an important role to play as a social media expert.

A brand must have to try to develop healthy customer service on social media. A brand must know to deal with all the negativity that may exist on its social media page. 

A brand should not dismiss the insights of the audience. The social media team at such times require to improve the brand’s reputation. It becomes crucial to respond to all negative comments or criticism. Yet, it should consider the necessary insights. 

Even, a 24*7 response becomes crucial. But, an effective response is possible to offer.  For a business or a brand, a customer is not only “one more follower” but a part of the community, that the brand cares for.

Strategic ways to handle the crisis, negativity, respond to queries, etc. stands important for a business to build a healthy community. All such things can maintain or improve a brand’s reputation on social media. It reflects a brand’s credibility. It gives reliability to customers.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

7. Getting  More ROI

One of the main aims of every marketer is to bring more return on investment (ROI). How will one feel when they invest less but gain more? Social media advertising and marketing involve exactly that!

The ad cost on social media is less. Much less than the returns. It is like sow less, reap more. One can get good revenue in return. Isn’t it a great thing for a business? 

A business can cut off the cost of advertising. Create quality content and reach out to more and more audiences. The audience steps into the sales funnel more immediately than in traditional advertising. The CTAs guide the audience to become potential buyers.

You can learn the needs of your target audience on social media. Create content accordingly. Bond with the customers. Build an amazing online community. Interact with them. Connect with them. Design marketing strategies to gain more buyers. Hence get more returns on investment. 

Engaging them on your business page, creating content on the latest trends, etc. help the customers to know your brand better. Sharing their reviews, knowing them better will encourage them to reshare your brand with others. 

Small or big businesses get a great chance to expand on such social media platforms. As the ROIs that they get gradually are great. All a business needs to have is an effective approach to expand. Also, an effective social media marketing team! 

Brands like

  • Mama Earth
  • Sleepy Owl
  • Bound India, etc are some flourishing social media brands that have made it big through social media marketing.
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It is only when you know the importance of social media marketing, can you think of implementing it to your brand. Every marketer must know the value of social media marketing. These social media marketing highlights give you a glimpse of the importance of social media marketing. It can give the brand a new facelift! So, why wait? Head on, to create a page for your business on social media. Ahead of you lies a community, that the customers can rely on. Good luck! 

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