The Job Description For A Social Media Manager

The Job Description For A Social Media Manager

Do you want to pursue a career in social media? Being a social media manager is one of the many social media career opportunities. If you want to be a social media manager, then you must also know the job description for a social media manager. 

As a beginner, we must be aware of what does a social media manager do? And then, what goes in a social media marketing manager’s resume? When one is aware of such things, then one can try to build up the skillset likewise. 

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We are social has come up with a figure that would make us realize the hype over social media. According to their stats, the netizen count as of 2021 is 4.66 billion, of which 4.14 billion are active social media users. Now one can imagine the influence of social media on netizens. 

Also, one can imagine, how well a business or a brand can prosper when it is a part of social media. Thus, for managing such brands, small or big rely on social media presence. To get more viewers and visibility. As on social media, customers are just a click away if the brand is doing the viral rounds. For all these to happen appropriately, the brands hire social media managers. 

Firstly, it is important to know what does a social media manager do! Let’s have a look at it, before the job description of a social media manager. 

What Does A Social Media Manager Do? 

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

A social media manager has to juggle multiple disciplines. Also, a social media manager needs to handle many responsibilities. 

  • Deciding what content goes out on social media
  • The quality of content
  • Measuring the performance
  • Captioning content, writing on many other social media forums
  • Providing solutions as a consultant to their clients 
  • Working on strategies to boost the social media image of the brand 
  • Collaborating with various professionals on social media for network building
  • Analyzing the demographics while working on building a community

Working in sync with different teams is also an important aspect of a social media manager’s job. Coordination with the marketing, executives, legal, sales teams, etc is part of the job. 

So, a social media manager needs to be good at 

  • Understanding what strategies can help boost digital marketing, social media marketing, establishing different ad campaigns for the brand
  • Content creation that can lure the viewers and improve the sales funnel
  • Imparting solutions, making goals for marketing the brand in the best way, coordinating with the marketing team for brand awareness
  • Researching minor to major aspects that can improve the image of the product or business on social media
  • Coordinating with cross-functional teams working for the brand and also professionals outside the brand
  • Learning new trends to apply the same on social media forums for forever evolving social media
  • Creativity, innovative ideas to bring into the content so that the brand enjoys the limelight
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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Apart from these, a beginner might also be curious about the workflow in social media forums. One of them is how does the job description of a social media manager look like? Or else, what are the skills that the client looks for when they put an advertisement for the job description of a social media manager? 

So, let’s dive into the job description of a social media manager. 

What Does The Basic Job Description Of A Social Media Manager Demand?

 1. Manage the social media content of the brand on one or various (on need basis) social media forums

This is the very basic job description of a social media manager that the client would expect from the applicant. Under this job description comes the very responsibility to 

  • Create social media content based on research on the target audience
  • Brainstorm on creative ideas to create captivating content
  • Make use of online tools for editing writing, images, videos, etc
  • Ability to make use of copywriting skills
  • Incorporate new trends in the content that are currently popular on social media
  • Come up with content that would engage the audience
  • Have convincing communication skills to interact with customers and professionals over the social media
  • Manage network building, collaborations with different brands over various social media
  • Plan and create content for special occasions and launches 
  • Release content over social media on regular basis with modern online tools used for scheduling
  • Know all the vital social media marketing tools to apply to the content that goes on various social media platforms

2. Oversee the analytics part related to performance on social media

Not Tracking Analytics
Not Tracking Analytics

A social media manager has to set smart goals to meet the marketing objectives for the brand. Working with the marketing team is one of the main aspects of this job profile. This is where analytics monitoring is important. 

To a social media manager, analyzing the marketing goals through standard metrics is vital. It is the main job description for a social media manager. You would find, that any employer in this field might look for this criterion. 

The duties included are

  • Work on achievable targets related to various ad campaigns, launches, brand awareness, etc that align with the brand growth goals
  • For performance, measurement keep track of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Work on social media marketing goals to improve ROIs
  • Researching on the targeted demographics to design campaigns, polls, and other social media content related to brand awareness
  • Make reports weekly, monthly that measure and keep track of the viewership, ROI, and other such metrics related to the appropriate website

3. Manage the profile on various social media platforms

Knowing how to create social media content is not enough to fulfill the needs of the job description for a social media manager. Along with it, upgrading the profile on social media platforms is also important. 

How does a social media manager manage the profile on social media platforms?

  • By updating the profile information according to the new upgrades, collaborations, success stories, etc.
  • Informing the audience about the brand’s milestones 
  • Designing the profile outlook, focusing on videos and image quality on various social media
  • Highlighting the brand by sharing customer reviews, influencer reviews, managing their response
  • Having flexibility in responding to customers on social media

4. Having an up to date knowledge of how to use social media marketing tools

Audience engagement matters a lot! It depends a lot on how we design the profile, and what content a social media manager can create. So, for this purpose to know about the new update in technology, or online tools is very important. One can find this criterion in almost every job description for the social media manager. 

A social media manager must know all the possible social media marketing tools. Such tools can be helpful in content creation and audience engagement.

Some of the social media marketing tools are 

  • Grammarly, Hemingway editor, Paperrater- for writing, grammar, and editing purpose
  • Canva, Pixlr, Photopea- for creating and editing high images, applying filters, making videos
  • Hootsuite, BuzzSumo- for scheduling social media content, tracking analytics
  • Duplichecker, Plagium- for removing plagiarism and publishing only original content on the social media sites

There is no full stop to learning when one becomes a social media manager. One has to stay up to date with the new trends, technologies, online tools. That can make the content better than ever and captivate the audience. 

5. Having the ability to incorporate SEO strategies 


The job description for a social media manager always has this criterion on their list. It is also one of the basic and important skills that a social media manager must possess. 

A social media manager must know to do keyword research, make use of hashtags, Google Analytics, and other online SEO tools. 

Good knowledge of SEO is necessary when it comes to achieving top search positions in SERPS. That leads to good website ranking and traffic. Using hashtags is the same way important. 

SEO gives recognition to the brand when a social media manager uses it the right way. One should not overoptimize nor underoptimize the content. One should know how to strike the right chord while dealing with content on social media, and for SERPs. 

Some basic online SEO tools that a social media manager must know to use are 

  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Google Analytics
  • Yoast SEO
  • GT Metrix
  • Answer The Public
  • Soovle

These are some very basic responsibilities that the employer for the job of the social media manager demands. Along with these responsibilities, the employer also lists the skills that social media managers must have. 

One should definitely list skills that they possess in their resume. In that way, the employer knows what they can expect from the interviewee for the post of the social media manager. 

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

The resume of a social media manager or a social media marketing manager must have the following essential points: 


First on the resume goes your education. You can write about the education details stating your graduation or post-graduation degree. You should also mention the year of graduating.

Years of experience (if any)

For a fresher as a social media manager, you can put in your resume your internship details (if any). If a fresher has not interned, then they should not worry. They can work and focus more on the skills section as they are just beginning their career.

A person with some experience can enlist their experiences, with proper mention of the duration, their position, work profile at different companies, their responsibilities. 

While enlisting experience at a workplace while working, or interning one should be specific. One should state the duties in a crisp format while highlighting all the responsibilities. Make sure to write them in points.


This is the main part of a social media marketing manager resume or any resume nowadays. The social media marketing manager should list all the skills that they are good at. 

Mention of 

  • The expertise in different social media platforms. List the social media platforms that one is best at
  • The expertise over the online social media marketing tools
  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Mention about the knowledge of the type of advertising or marketing skills
  • Knowledge of metrics related to social media
  • Knowledge of analytics related to social media
  • Communication skills- related to customers, interactions with viewers on social media
  • Knowledge of digital marketing, and channels related to digital marketing

At the top portion of the resume, one should provide necessary contact info, 2-3 lines describing your work profile as per the resume format. 

These are some very important points that one must include into their resume according to their years of experience as a social media manager. 

Making the resume clear, brief, and specific is very important. The mistake that many people do in resume making is, over-exaggeration of facts. That does not go well. One should avoid such mistakes as it affects the credibility of the employee.

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The openings for social media managers have become exponential. The need of the hour for them is to adhere to the job description for a social media manager. One can as a beginner do internships, take up a course, attend workshops. Gaining experience and expertise both are important for a social media manager. Experience, expertise, and skillset are important things to mention in a social media marketing manager’s resume. 

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

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