A Comprehensive Guide on Social Media Marketing in 2022

A Comprehensive Guide on Social Media Marketing in 2022

Do you know what is  SMM in the digital marketing industry? SMM is short for social media marketing. Social media marketing is globally becoming famous for getting digital visibility. 

Plus, it is an essential form of marketing that is prevalent in the digital space. Read on to know more about SMM and the use of social media as a marketing strategy. 

Social media marketing has the power to boost any start-up or well-to-do business. Social media platforms are useful in getting the digital limelight. Why so? Let’s understand by knowing why social media is important.

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Why Social Media Is Important?

Social Media Posts
Social Media Posts

Social media is a place where we all know everyone likes to connect and communicate digitally. It is a place for influencers to target their audience. So, being relevant and using social media as a marketing strategy can be a boon for the business.

Netizens use social media to know about products. They get to research the reviews or look for specifications of the product. They get a chance to know the services, products, workflow, etc better through the online medium. 

When you branch out in social media with your business, the interactions can give you leads. Moreover, it can also popularise your brand. How does it do so? SMM creates brand awareness amongst the audience.

So more leads and a good brand awareness gets your business more viewers. More viewers get you good online traffic. Isn’t it great? 

All such benefits encourage a call to action (CTA). It gives space for the viewers to check out the products online. They get to know the product descriptions through social media marketing. 

Socially engaging with viewers can turn them into potential customers. It helps an online business team build trust in the eyes of customers. It helps businesses know their customers. It enables them to analyze interactions they get to have with the customers. It also helps build a healthy relationship with the customers. Isn’t it the best way to boost up your sales? 

As of 2021, over 3.6 billion people worldwide use social media according to sprout social and it will rise to 4.41 billion in 2025. According to blogging wizard, around 90% of Instagrammers look up to and follow at least one business-related account. Now you can imagine the influence of social media marketing on the audience. 

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

It is very essential in today’s time to upgrade marketing strategies. Upgrading modern marketing strategies answers one of the main questions of “why social media marketing is important?”

One needs to get out of the conventional pool of marketing strategies. One needs to use the latest online advertising trends in social media as a marketing strategy. Making improvements in social media promotion, learning new ways to promote content all are important things to do as a part of social media marketing. 

Social media is the best place to promote one’s business. Let’s have a look at some of the social media platforms that can be helpful in social media marketing. 

There are some best social media marketing inducing platforms such as:


It is a great platform to share any kind of video or images that can promote your business. It has around 2.85 billion users active on monthly basis according to 2021’s Facebook investor report. Globally, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms. 


Instagram is one of the trending social media platforms. It is the best platform to upgrade social media marketing for any business. According to its parent company (Facebook) reports, there are one billion active users monthly on Instagram.

Businesses small or big nowadays, promote their content through reels and Instagram stories as a part of social media marketing strategy. 


It is a widely used platform for sharing video content. Video content sharing on this platform is a great way to boost social media marketing. Indians rank as the highest users of Youtube around 225 million in 2021 according to globalmediainsight.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class


A business account holder on Twitter can use this place to share some small promotional messages or insights about the company’s product or new launches. A new feature ‘fleets’ has become a part of Twitter similar to Instagram stories. One can use such features for promotional messages for the company’s visibility on such social media platforms. 


It is the best platform to upskill your professional portfolio. Also, to meet like-minded professionals and form good business-to-business connections LinkedIn offers the best space. For professional collaborations, to work on brand awareness and social media marketing LinkedIn is one of the best professional platforms. 


It is the most popular platform in today’s generation of bloggers, people seeking innovative ideas, startups, etc. Captivating images, videos is the most essential part of social media marketing strategies to get going on Pinterest. 


Snapchat as you know for sharing temporary stories, short messages, videos. Moreover, it is only accessible through mobile. 

Snapchat is a platform that not every business may enjoy marketing. But, businesses targeting young audience needs can prosper with their social media marketing strategies. A lot of fun content using different Snapchat filters, lenses are a part of Snapchat marketing. 

Hence, a brief idea of various social media platforms concludes why social media is important. Let’s also have a look at some of the tips to use social media as a marketing strategy tool. 

What Tips Can One Follow And Make Social Media As A Marketing Strategy?

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social media is changing fast and also every day! In every few days or a month or two, we get to find some new featuring dropping in! 

A new update and days go by just how to figure them out. Thus creating content on each platform can become very overwhelming. Such things can interest a content writer or a content creator. 

One can look forward to social media-related jobs by having a full-time or part-time career. Professionals who create and market content on social media are called social media experts or social media managers. 

As a beginner, it is definitely challenging for some to get a hang of social media. However, following the right tips can help you learn how to use social media as a marketing strategy. Also, such tips would help one to optimize content for social media marketing purposes.

1. Start with specializing in any one social media platform at a time

If you want to handle your social media all alone, then learn to excel one or a maximum of two. Suppose that you made an account on many platforms and plan to start creating content for all at once, it can create chaos. 

You can definitely signup for many at once, but try getting a hold of one at a time. Content varies in different digital platforms. 

In such cases, content creation ideas also vary. For example, LinkedIn demands a professional approach, whereas Instagram demands an approach based on various demographics rather than only professionals.

Learning the basics and knowing content creation better in each platform takes time. So, one can become an expert or even a little better in one platform. Then, later they can look up in line for the next to catch clients and followers and build a network.

Knowing which social media platform would do the most good to your business is also vital. What social media platform would suit your profile or business? With that knowledge, you can proceed to learn social media marketing for a particular platform.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

2. Do your research while you engage

While devoting time to learning social media marketing, one of the primary things to do as a newbie social media content creator is “researching”. 

Some of the research points that need basic focus on are

  • What kind of content-creating strategies would work on a particular platform?
  • Knowing who all would likely follow the content on social media
  • Viewers’ demographics
  • What kind of content can convert them into potential customers?
  • What qualities of the business can bring the audience to build a bond and trust with the audience? 
  • Which kind of published content got more responses and views?

3. Create captivating content 

Creating content needs various things to focus on. Like

  • The goal of creating content
  • Thorough research on audience, ideas, etc.
  • Knowing the wants of your target audience
  • Brainstorming ideas 
  • Awakening the “storyteller” inside you 

With patience, practice, observation skills, and juicing up innovative ideas can help you come up with unique social media marketing ideas. 

One of the most unique ads doing viral rounds on social media is Sleepy Owl coffee. Funny, witty, cool strategies for content creation is fascinating its audience. Especially, the muted ads! They have brought the brand to the limelight on various social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.  

Brands on social media through their uniqueness in content can create effective brand awareness. Social media marketing relies a lot on content creation. 

4. Consistency in content creation

“Consistency is the key” is a very true phrase for everything including social media marketing. One cannot all of a sudden jump into being consistent, but one can gradually try. 

After becoming a little more familiar with handling content, you can work on posting content with consistency.  Consistent posts can lure more viewership. 

For getting consistency, start with short content like posting short videos, infographics related to the business, or images. 

Short reels on Instagram or stories on Facebook, fleets on Twitter are also some very common trends to get started. Starting with short content can motivate you to keep going too!

5. Interact and engage with the audience

You can start sharing ‘Q & A’ posts with the audience on social media. The viewers and social media users find Q & As and online polls very interesting.

You can host live sessions and interact with the audience. As a part of social media marketing, running brand campaigns are an important part of the job.  For such campaigns, you need to work largely on customer research, reports from social media, etc. 

Live interactions can help you, as a social media manager to get ideas about your audience. The audience gets a chance to communicate with you. They can ask queries on products or know about new launches. 

It makes the audience feel that they are part of your budding community on social media. You can share their views and value their opinions on such social media platforms.

You can repost their views on your social media page, that can again influence more and more audience. Getting influencers to try your company’s products and review it can also help in gaining trust from the audience. 

6. Optimize your social media

How to get more engagement, more views on your page or customers online? By optimizing your social media! 

To get online visibility you must focus on some aspects. 

Aspects to focus on are:

  • Describing what you do
  • What your page stands for?
  • Adding location helps viewers to get an idea about you, connect with you, to relate with you. 
  • Small goals to reach out to the audience based on social media reports, progress tracking. You must also assess the maximum views and likes on your content, demographics, etc. 
  • Catchy slogans, images, interesting infographics
  • Captivating video content
  • Creating content for ad campaigns
  • Include necessary keywords in your profile, and content
  • Use of hashtags while you caption your content on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter. Hashtags must contain relevant keywords. Hashtags are capable of reaching out to your desired demographics. 
  • Place  Call To Action (CTA) in a way that is visible and easy to navigate for customers. 

You can optimize the keywords, images, videos, using online tools. Such things can better your audience reach.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

7. Discipline yourself with a content calendar

Do you consider making more than one account on social media? Then you may feel the need to be consistent and sometimes it can put you into a slump. 

Mistakes with social media management are common. But, no one wants to mess up when there is no mistake but only a lack of a proper schedule!  Messing it up or feeling overwhelming may take a toll on your brain cells. 

So, it is better to keep a content calendar. After creating content, you can post it as per your favorable schedule. Again thanks to digital marketing tools! There are social media marketing tools such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Buffer. etc that can help you out. 

Social Media
Social Media


Content marketing strategies have made enough progress in social media. To know social media marketing strategies in today’s digital era has become essential. It is now vital for businesses to flourish. Improves sales conversions. Gets you more website traffic. Hence, social media marketing courses or webinars, blogs on social media marketing can come in handy to beginners. 

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Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

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