Top 20 Social Media Marketing Interview Questions

Top 20 Social Media Marketing Interview Questions

Are you an aspiring social media marketing professional? Read more to know all about the social media marketing interview questions and answers.

What is an interview all about? What is important? A sharp professional look? That you can get through many internet videos. Or also the sharp work ethic that you have?

For the second one, you need to work on the responsibilities and skills. Secondly, you need to deliver your answers in an interview in a genuine way. Many of us, have the skill but get confused or stressed when we are told to express it. For them, here are some questions and answers that are very often asked in social media marketing interviews. 

If you are trying for getting a job in the social media marketing industry then this might be useful to you! 

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I have tried to list down some basic social media marketing interview questions. They can be useful for the interviewee to prep up. Don’t worry! I have also listed down possible ways and tips to answer such social media marketing interview questions. 

You can just have a look over the social media marketing interview questions and answers that are basic, but important. It would be great to get an idea about what kind of social media marketing questions are important. Also, it can help you to form your answers based on your perceptions. 

You can take the help of this blog. Look back for a reference for answers, and frame it up accordingly. 

The Top 20 Social Media Marketing Questions That Can Help You Prepare Well For The Interview

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Interview questions for social media marketing would be like any other professional interview. It consists of questions that are technical,  professional, and personal identity-based. 

1. Personal identity-based questions like 

  • Where do you belong to?
  • Basic education, further qualifications
  • Questions on personal information concerning the submitted CV
  • Information on work experience. Do not panic if you have not worked for someone before. You can always be confident about your skills! 
  • What were the job responsibilities in your previous company?

The interviewing person or panel may judge your confidence from the beginning. If the interviewing panel has a healthy approach to work, they aim at putting you at ease before asking furthermore professional questions. 

Curious about what are the other kinds of social media marketing interview questions the employer can shoot? Alright!  Let’s hack on that curiosity of yours. 

Here it goes!

2. Why does social media marketing have more advantages over traditional marketing? 

Here you have to praise social media for all the right reasons! It is not so hard as you know all about it. You also, work in the social media industry because of the advantages!

Some of them are

  • Cost benefits
  • Immediate feedback that can help the brand work on future goals
  • Get to know the target audience better, etc
  • Boosts SEO
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3. Have you used Google Analytics? What’s its use in social media marketing?

You will expect technical social media marketing interview questions gradually. This is a basic one. 

Explain what you know about Google Analytics. Explain the advantage of this tool. That is, to track the traffic for the website from all of your social media forums that you have.

4. What elements are responsible for making an effective social media presence for a brand?

This is one of the very important interview questions for social media marketing. You have to answer it properly. 

Mention all the technical aspects like

  • Having an online presence on various social media channels relevant to the brands
  • Creative content
  • Consistency of posting 
  • Analyzing the audience engagement on various posts
  • Tracking the metrics and deciding marketing goals on such a basis
  • Keeping up with the new trends

5. What helps in growing online traffic on social media? Did your previous role involve this responsibility?

If you did, mention it. Talk the numbers for such social media marketing interview questions. State the strategies you used to bring more leads. Talk about the goals that brought sales conversions and ROI for them. 

6. What do you think is the most important duty of a social media marketer?

Social Media
Social Media

Such social media marketing interview questions test the aptitude of the interviewee. 

Say what you feel about being a social media marketer. Amongst all duties, which one is the most important duty. 

 It can be about

  • Framing strategic social media marketing goals
  • Analyzing reports and planning social media marketing campaigns
  • Working according to marketing priorities based on social media response, etc

7. What is your current favorite brand on social media? Tell us why.

The interviewer when asks such social media marketing interview questions, it is clear they want to know how much you know about the current market. They try to analyze your reasons. 

Tell them what brand you like. You can tell them what makes you feel special about them. If you know about the brand’s success journey, then you can talk about it in brief too from the audience’s eye. 

Also, you can tell them what you like about their content or ad strategies. By talking about this, you expose your analytical skills to them. 

8. What are the social media platforms that you think we should use for our business to establish ourselves digitally?

Here, you can express yourselves well enough with the knowledge of social media platforms. You can say what all platforms you think are relevant for their business. 

You can list and explain the professional social media platforms. Also, you can say what platforms fetch viewers and build a community. 

You can tell about your work experiences with these social media handles.

Such social media marketing questions give the employer a perspective on your vision. The vision that helps design goals and strategies for online marketing and conversions. 

9. How do you manage your social media? Do you believe in keeping a separate routine for your social media? 

Such interview questions for social media marketing judge your ability to handle social media on the daily basis. You can tell your idea of managing your social media. You can mention the best practices you do to post and manage the content on social media. 

You can tell about the content calendar that you follow (if you do follow).

How do you schedule them? Or, how regular you are on social media? How do you keep track of the metrics? Or,  how you have managed the marketing practices on regular basis, etc. 

You can also tell about the social media marketing tools that you use to schedule and manage content. 

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10. How important are communication skills on social media? What impact does it have?

These kinds of social media marketing questions are kind of very important. Answers to these show your response and tackling abilities on social media.

You being a social media marketing professional, I am sure you must be knowing the importance of communication skills. 

Express your views on it. Elaborate on the importance. 

The importance of it in handling viewers’ responses, writing an article, building networks, working on mergers, etc. 

Explain some examples or experiences that worked for you to build the community or run campaigns with role of communication skills being important. Expressing them with clarity can tell them how you handle business digitally as well as in person. 

11. Have you ever been a part of social media ad campaigns in your previous company? Tell us in detail about it. If you weren’t, then are you aware of the process, and impact of running marketing campaigns online?

If you have prior experience, elaborate nice. Pointwise or eventwise. Such social media marketing interview questions can come around during the interview. It can come in different formats. But, with the same intention to learn about your ability to work on campaigns. 

They would like to know whether you were ever a part of the marketing team or a lead. They would want to know your marketing skills in any possible way depending on your contributions. 

If you are a fresher, do not worry about not having experience. You can tell about your observations in marketing campaigns where you interned. If you have not interned, then you can tell me about some case studies or examples that you have come across. 

That means for a beginner to attend such interviews, one has to go through study resources when learning about social media marketing. The resources are innumerable. In the marketing books, in online videos, in online research papers on it, etc. 

One can develop an aptitude for such social media marketing questions through work expertise. Or, by the thorough study as in the case of a fresher.

A fresher when explains a few examples clearly, reflects that they possess a real interest in getting the position for the job. 

12. What do you think makes online content on social media successful? 

You can expect such social media marketing interview questions also, in almost any such interview. One needs to emphasize social media marketing strategies. Those strategies align with the marketing and audience engagement goals. 

You can also state the factors responsible. Factors like research on demographics and other such data reports, creativity, etc. Such factors are the building blocks of potentially viral content.

You can state examples of some noteworthy articles, blogs, or posts that were catchy enough to grab eyeballs on social media. You can state all such content creation and marketing factors that made such posts viral. 

13. What online tools are important to manage social media marketing, according to you? 

Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager

Knowing them is vital! I am sure you might know it very well. But, enlist each and elaborate it. Highlight their orders according to how to create, to how you manage and analyze. Mention the tools and how you use them for managing social media.

  • Content creation tools
  • Content editing tools
  • Content scheduling tools
  • Content/ social media marketing tools
  • Analytics tools to measure the metrics like audience engagement, rate of virality, KPIs, ROIs, etc

14. Can you tell us what you think about the social marketing environment? How can it help the customers?

This is one of the technical social media marketing interview questions. If you do not know, then you should not bluff. 

Such interview questions for social media marketing can be asked to a fresher or a person having a year of experience or an expert. You may know the process but not the term. 

So, if you do not know, you can ask them to give you some insights. That way, you can give your opinion or idea about the concept. 

The Social marketing environment deals with the journey of the customer. So, yes it guides the customer. 

15. Can you tell us about the importance of customer service in social media?

Social media marketing interview questions and answers of this nature determine whether you believe in good customer response.

You can highlight the importance of how important the view, review, or query of the customer meant to you and the team in the previous company. You can explain how fast and effective responses bring trust to the audience. Examples from the previous roles help the employer judge you from a solid perspective. 

16. What do you do to keep up with the ever-evolving social media?

Again! Answer your genuine practices. You can talk about the brands you follow, the webinars, blogs, articles, podcasts, etc.  

You can say things you learn from them and whether you have tried implementing them. 

17. Have you recently come across any impressive content online? What factors made you like it?

In such social media marketing interview questions, the employer wants to know whether you keep up with new trends in the online marketing sector.

You can quote current examples, and their marketing strategies from an audience’s point of view. 

18. Suppose there’s a crisis on our social media forums, what steps would you take to overcome or handle it?

Such kinds of interview questions for social media marketing tend to sometimes make a candidate nervous. Do not be. Instead, think about it and answer.

You get a panicky situation or a messy situation on social media often. So, you have very often been a part of it. You can say that you can come up with the best practices to solve such problems. 

You can tell that before setting goals and plans, how thinking about an alternative to overcome a crisis if the current plan does not work is vital.

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19. Can you handle deadlines? What do you do to manage deadlines?

Be honest about such social media marketing questions and answers. It says a lot about the credibility of the candidate.

Mention your gradual progress with the deadlines. Tell them, how you managed them in your previous roles. Such questions demand genuine answers. 

20. What kinds of social media experiments would you like to do with our company?

Such social media marketing questions and answers decide whether you are a suitable candidate for their business. 

Answer based on all your expertise and experience. 

You can tell about 

  • Analyzing previous reports and creating goals keeping that in mind
  • Keeping up with the new trends and implementing them in your marketing strategies
  • New ways to encourage audience engagement and sales conversions, etc.
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I think now you have an idea of the kinds of social media marketing interview questions. You can use these top 20 social media marketing interview questions to prepare for your interviews. Think about the possible answers. Believe in your expertise and yourself. I am sure, it would help you! 

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