Top 20 Amazing Content Marketing Tools List

Top 20 Amazing Content Marketing Tools List

“Business”, is a great term because it fulfils the demand for living life and availing the good things from buying. Is it so? And the different industries are maintaining the resources to give services to the customers. The buying and selling of a product is the method which is known as business. Content Marketing Tools are very helpful in online business.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Many business marketers go for the online method and here the content marketing plays a great role. The content writer is a very professional who writes the content about any product and services for the companies. He or she uses different kinds of Content Marketing Tools. Before going onwards we are discussing here the traditional Vs. online business marketing.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

“The traditional market is very costly and companies invest huge money for advertisement. Whereas the online medium is very cost-effective where many channels are available to advertise the product and services. No need to pay extra for these channels to get advertisements. But you must have to invest more money in different types of traditional marketing channels. This is the major difference between traditional and online businesses.”

It is well said that internet marketing is better than traditional marketing. Many industries are following the guideline of online business and they are investing a cost-effective charge for their advertisement to grow their business. In this method, the content plays a wide role to enhance brand awareness.

Content is used everywhere in digital marketing and when you are going to publish information about any product and service, you will need it. This requirement is fulfilled by the professional content writer who possesses the skills to write properly. The content marketing is also depending on the expert content writer and keyword research is also done by the content writer.

Content marketing is a growing field and it is giving the needful solutions for every business. A content marketer hired by the company to provide authentic information about the product and services. He or she has a responsibility to give perfect content regularly for maintaining the website visitors. It will also help to generate leads by converting visitors into clients.

There are several kinds of benefits of content marketing. A content writer provides the regular on-site content for popularity. That means the customers come again and again to your site. The visibility in search engines is also getting high on your website. The domain authority will be higher and more referral traffic can be earned.

Social traffic also gets increased by sharing the content on social networking sites. Content marketing also increases conversion potential. It helps to improve brand reputation. Make a good bonding with customers or readers. Content marketing Is used globally. It decreases marketing cost and compound value.

These benefits only depend on the content writer because when a writer writes the content perfectly, all these benefits are provided to the company. The content marketer uses several kinds of tools to make attractive and useful content. If you are a content marketer, then how will you get help from these tools. You can know here.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

How Are Content Marketing Tools Helpful For Marketers?

You first need to know the content automation which is the content marketing software platform before going onwards about the benefits of Content Marketing Tools. It is also the digital marketing strategy that aims to remove human arbitration in the content lifecycle. Its goal is to automate, program any process in content marketing that is time-consuming, costly, and redundant. There are few sectors of content automation which is considered here:

Production and content workflow

It is important to analyze what you are going to produce in content, the production, and content workflow can be customized or dynamic. If you use the workflow over and over, it can be the team assignment, task management, and schedule calculation for production.

Email automation

Email automation
Email automation

The easy channel for automation is email. It depends on the prospects that engage. You can set up another method to automatically send the email to your client with specific content. It saves your time also.

To publish and distribute

Displaying and distributing your content can be the critical step to get success. This phase is so important, and you need to reach the audience, but it may take a lot of time to post on a website or social media platform. By using an automated system, you can synchronize multiple elements.

Content calendar

It is the hub of your content marketing plan. You don’t need to go for the manual format, distribute and update.

Reminders and notifications

These are available on the user’s dashboard. Email notifications can be replaced and eliminated with new mails. You can use the automated system to stay on top of the notifications and reminders.


From a preconfigured dashboard, you can grab data from multiple resources and generate an automated report. It is because the analysis of your content marketing efforts is very important.

It saves your time

Content Marketing Tools save time too much. When you are using some tools, it will give the best results and get automatically handled which is far from time-consuming factors.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

It reduces the cost

The Content Marketing Tools also saves your money. Free tools are also very effective to use and solve your problems in content or its postings.

It generates well-qualified leads

Industry who use marketing automation increases the qualified leads because it helps to set up the targeted campaigns. 

It improves accountability

The Content Marketing Tools clarify the picture of how the workflow is getting disturbance. The content automation system helps to expose bottlenecks and improves accountability.

It inspires creativity

The team doesn’t like to do repetitive tasks and the Content Marketing Tools also helps to maintain the repetitive task automatically.

It cultivates social media presence

Social Media
Social Media

The social networking sites are beneficial to gain popularity of your content but, sometimes you don’t have much time, or it may be possible that you have multiple contents to post. Here you can adjust the automatic schedule option to post the content. It will save you time and as well as your content will be posted automatically at the perfect time on the different social media platforms.

20 types of Content Marketing Tools for Content Marketers

Content marketers do the business with on-time results and when there is a time-consuming factor, marketers use tools to post it automatically. This is an example, there are many reasons when the content market needs the tools for content marketing. It helps them to produce and deliver the content perfectly. 

Here 20 best content marketing tools are listed which have different features and are used widely to get result-oriented work. These are:


This is the best content marketing tool to create blog content with ease. It offers marketers the opportunity to create a website or blog platform to write content and publish it with all required elements in content like images and banners. It also gives them access to track visitors, optimize the content, and lots of plugins.


It is also one of the best tools for content marketing. It offers marketers to create actionable content that can provide sales and helps to drive the leads. It also analyzes the marketing strategy that a marketer needs for best performance.


It is an efficient content marketing tool to create, analyze, and publish the content for marketing campaigns. It also has some other features like SEO indicator, collaboration support, auto-publishing social media post facility, facility to integrate with third-party tools.


Google Logo
Google Logo

It offers marketers numerous tools and can’t be ignored because it is a worldwide known platform. It has a Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google search console, Google trends, etc.

Content team collaboration tools

It is an important tool for content marketers and many professionals to collaborate. There are different kinds of best content marketing tools where teams can get in touch with each other and share ideas.


It is a collaboration and workplace communication tool that helps users to make teams or collaborate with other people in the entire world. It also supports other apps like Dropbox and Google Docs.


It allows the team to work together on different projects, daily goals, and tasks. It is a work management platform and easy to assign projects, share projects, and also monitor the activities of the team.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class


It is a project management and visual collaboration tool. It creates planning and gives accessibility to represent projects on boards and cards for presenting the task.

Digital analytics tools

Such kinds of tools are used for analyzing and reporting the website data. It helps to understand the inside working of a website.

Google Analytics

It is a web analytics tool and includes the analysis of the engagement of customers with ads, social tools, and website content. It works to give a result of what is going on inside the website and allows them to adjust content strategy.



It provides the place to optimize your content for SERPs. It is the best digital marketing tool and created especially for SEO/SEM experts. Content marketers use this for getting the best content idea and as well as optimize their content.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

It is an integrated marketing tool that assists marketers to optimize marketing campaigns and analyze website performance data.


It monitors the problems which may affect the performance and rank of the website. It works for any keyword and finds out the specific issue about the rank on that particular keyword for your website. It also offers on-page optimization.

Email marketing tools

The tools which are used for the E-mail marketing campaigns are the best one to eliminate your various problems. It allows notifications and reminders. Some of the tools are:


It is an automation platform that allows to send, create, and analyze email campaigns. It has wide features of synchronizing the customer data and integration of web service.

Constant Contact

It is a cloud-hosted marketing solution and provides powerful tracking of emails and reporting capability.


It is an email marketing service tool and looks professionally at emails and landing pages. It also analyzes the campaign performance.


It is a digital marketing toolbox that helps in email campaign optimization. It also helps to increase the open rate of emails. It has a robust SMS messaging service and it is very user-friendly.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Content project management tools

There are several kinds of content project management tools that help content marketers to delegate new projects, organize projects, and monitor the progress of their team. These are also the best content marketing tools like Basecamp, CoSchedule, and DivvyHQ.

CRM tools

These are helpful for customer information tracking and interaction in one place. It also helps to create sales forecasts and critical reports. The CRM tools are like Zoho and Salesforce.


Content marketing becomes easy when marketers do smart work. It allows some uses of tools to save time and if you are using the content marketing tools, it will give the best results to show your performance. You can catch the clients very easily by showing your powerful content in the market. These tools are best to use at the time of creation, posting, and automation of content.

Online business is growing content marketing and these kinds of tools are helping writers in various ways. You can use it in various ways if you are writing the content for your customers.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

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