A Comprehensive Guide on Directory Submission

A Comprehensive Guide on Directory Submission

It’s simple to start a blog, but what’s not simple is bringing traffic to a new website. Until you start tearing out your hair in frustration, take some time to think about the highly efficient means of moving traffic to a new website, and increasing its domain authority. Yeah, I am speaking about Directory Submission.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

When you are just starting your website or your business, it is simple, successful, and helpful. Submitting directories can raise access to the website and increase the rating of the website.

The submission of directories comes under the off-page classification of SEO. Every information on directory submission will be discussed in this article. 

Directory Submission For Search Engine Optimization

Directory Submission For Search Engine Optimization
Directory Submission For Search Engine Optimization

Directory submission in digital marketing is one of the ways through which advertisers boost their company’s popularity. It is a perfect off-page SEO technique that improves your website’s consistent backlinks.

Submission to a directory is nothing but posting to a directory on a website. A web directory is a list of high-level PR pages organized into different categories and sub-categories.

The system by which you apply your website and its relevant objects, such as posts, infographics, photos, etc., is called submission to the directory.

The submission of directories is one way to receive successful backlinks to the website. You have to send your blog in the relevant field to the web directory for this. Also, some material about your blog and posts needs to be given.

A sure-shot means of securing better rankings is to have more backlinks and traffic. Again, higher rankings mean more exposure and traffic, leading to more visitors to the website.

Types of Directory Submission in Digital Marketing

1. Featured and Paid Web Listing

You ought to pay to apply your website for this kind of directory submission in Digital Marketing.

The value of opting for paying web listings is that they offer immediate acceptance, or else you can have to wait 3-6 months for them. Few websites often offer an annual or lifetime bundle for the same reason.

Since this can attract a Google fine, charged backlinks are not a preferred process.

2. Free and Regular Web Listing

Here, the submission of the website to the web directory is free in this sort of directory submission for SEO. All you need to do is offer your URL, pick a group, and include other information.

This is a phase that takes time, and you’re not going to get clearance straight away. It can take up to 6 months to get traffic and links via this method.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

3. Reciprocal Web Listing

Here, the submission of the website to the web directory is free in this sort of directory submission for SEO. All you need to do is offer your URL, pick a group, and include other information.

This is a phase that takes time, and you’re not going to get clearance straight away. It can take up to 6 months to get traffic and links via this method.

Importance of Directory Submission in Digital Marketing

Importance of Directory Submission in Digital Marketing
Importance of Directory Submission in Digital Marketing
  • Link building is an important aspect when it comes to having high rankings. And, the latter has more importance between sharing links (from one location to another) and receiving inbound links. This mostly applies if you are enlisted in high-quality directories.
  • Any time a user types in a search term or expression, Google (as well as other search sites) scours the Web for relevant sites or websites. By making the algorithm or “spiders” crawl across connections, it comes up with relevant results. Do not fail to apply the fundamental data to leading directories to make it easier for Google to find your website.
  • Who says that only by on-page optimization can you target common search terms? You will make the most of the fact that your submission titles serve as links or anchor texts that guide visitors to your site by combining the titles with appropriate key phrases. Each directory connected you receive, in return, takes you closer to the top spot in the SERPs.
  • For submissions, certain Web directories do not charge you. This means you can reduce the marketing budget or use the extra cash on other advertising tactics. How about that it can be very helpful to take advantage of directory submissions, right? So, if you have not considered this technique before, include it to reap the benefits of your SEO campaign.
  • Receiving similar or topical connections to the website is another advantage of directory submission. It will continue to boost the domain authority, page authority, and overall rankings. Submissions to directories draw more traffic from websites.

Process of Directory Submission For Search Engine Optimization

The directory submission process is really simple. Research is the first component of the directory submission process. Analyze and find reputed submission directory pages that are important to your niche. When the number of high PR directory locations has been narrowed down, it’s time to do the following:

  • Open your computer’s notepad and write down all the information, such as the title of the website, URL, summary (at least 100 words), email id, author name of the website, and RSS feed.
  • Take out the list of web directories you intend to send, one by one, and visit them. In most folders, the process of submission is the same. Using usalistingdirectory.com as an example, we will lead you through the process.
  • After you have arrived on the directory tab, first browse through the list of categories and pick the most relevant category. If you do not find the perfect match, pick the category that best suits your blog.
  • To upload your website, select the appropriate category, and click on the submit link button.
  • After you click on a certain category (we selected the category ‘blog’), another list will open that will include subcategories to narrow your niche down. For example, under the blog category in usalistingdirectory.com, we got business, education, machine, internet, news, money, and several other sub-categories. We selected ‘company’ within the sub-category.
  • The last step is to fill in the information of your blog (in case of blog submission) or posts (in case of article submission). You should copy-paste the information that you wrote down on the notepad for this. Hit submit after you have entered the data. The submission of the directory is done.
  • For all the directories to which you want to apply, repeat the same procedure. You can easily copy-paste the information from the notepad for and submission now to save time from typing over and over again.

The Essence of Directory Submission in Present Day

The Essence of Directory Submission in Present Day
The Essence of Directory Submission in Present Day

Directory submissions are still relevant today. There is one condition, though, which needs to be met. You have to do it correctly because the website needs to be uploaded to a reputed web directory. The Yellow Pages in the internet world are Web archives. It deals with internet users’ searches. Things have changed so much in the modern-day and era.

Search engines are extremely advanced today, and internet consumers are much more advanced. There will not be any visible results until you send your website to a well recognized and linked web directory. And worst, because of bad backlinks, you can adversely impact your SEO.

Low-quality links can be created by uploading websites to low-quality directories, and Google does not like that. In such situations, Panda and Penguin updates will penalize the website. This is one of the reasons that many individuals have lost their confidence in directory submissions, but when done right, they do work.

Guidelines of Directory Submission

As mentioned before, it is vital to pick the right directory if you want to go for directory submission for SEO. We have come up with a list of points to remember when going through a directory submission in order to help you tread carefully in the web directory jungle.

1. Relevance

When it comes to directory submission, you can’t ignore significance. You want the related search queries to be found on your website. When you run a flower shop, as people look for a pizza shop, you don’t want your website to appear. It is important, therefore, to stick to your niche directories.

Searching for your keywords is one way you can verify whether the web directory caters to your niche. If the directory responds to a related list of blogs and posts, then you can begin submitting them. Following blogs in your field and adhering to their recommendations for site submissions is another way to ensure that you stick to a relevant web page.

2. Directory Quality

Not every directory operates at the same stage. It’s when you pick a high-quality directory that the submission would help you. Check that Google indexes the directories.

A popular directory for your niche can be picked. You can vote for paying submissions if you wish. This is going to drive the whole thing a lot quicker. For connections, note, Google says that consistency over quantity is emphasized.

3. Schedule Submissions

Go for planned submissions over time without submitting all the posts, photos, and infographics at one time in a directory. That’s going to offer more results. In this way, you can also decide whether your website has a poor SEO arising from directory submission.

Note this, the search engine now stresses more on natural links than purchased and unrelated links with the Google algorithm improvements.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

4. Variety

Build a successful progress directory plan and this entails submitting to multiple directories. Submission to numerous niches in common directories can be achieved by targeting different keywords for your papers.

Allow use of keywords that are both short and long-tail. In your titles and content, use these keywords. Don’t neglect to give blog posts enticing titles to raise click-through rates. To learn how to write comprehensive and information-oriented blog posts, it is recommended to take a content writing course.

You look for diversity in your relationship profile when posting to different common directories belonging to a particular niche. This is a perfect technique for rising rankings and bringing more traffic in exchange.

Do’s and Don’ts of Directory Submission

There are some directory submission dos and don’ts. Follow them to ensure SEO enhancement to stop hurting them.

(i) Always send to the respective and reputed online directories the website and content.

(ii) The website and other materials must be submitted under the relevant categories and sub-categories.

(iii) Should not spam the directory.

(iv) Make sure the specifics are accurate, such as the title of the website/article, URL, details, and other information.

(v) Do not upload banners to online directories that require connections from your website or ask for banners. Using multiple banners on the website and directory links will lead to low SEO scores. It is also best to stop posting to certain sites that have these prerequisites.


To see the conclusions from your web directory entries, you need to have a little patience. After a few months, the effects will only start to appear. Paying for directory submissions is another choice, but the same result would be accomplished if you upload enough free directories.

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Content Writing Course

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