All You Need to Know About Google AdWords Certification

All You Need to Know About Google AdWords Certification

Google Adwords certification course is a perfect place to learn if you’re a newbie looking to make a career in online advertising or a marketing veteran looking to brush up on your digital marketing skills.

When you are Google accredited, it reveals that you are an authority in your profession. It’s an identifying mark that shows people they should trust an advertiser.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Awareness and realistic expertise with every area of digital advertisement, including best practices for managing and maximizing Google Ads campaigns, are required for Google Adwords certification.

You’ll have to explain that you not only know how to run your own promotional campaigns but also understand the factors that allow them to succeed or fail.

What is Google AdWords Certification?

Google AdWords
Google AdWords

Google AdWords certification is a technical accreditation that Google offers. Those who obtain it must possess a high degree of awareness of Google Ads.

According to Google, “A Google AdWords certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.”

You must complete two tests rather than one to receive Google AdWord Certification. You must pass the AdWords Fundamentals test as well as one of the additional tests to be fully qualified.

The six additional tests available are:

Google Ads Display Certification

This test evaluates the ability to build a Google Display advertisement plan, which involves using Google Display to boost brand awareness, improve customer retention, and reach out to new and current consumers.

Google Ads Search Certification

This evaluation assesses your ability to build Google Search campaigns and customize them for conversions or other indicators that are relevant to your objectives. It evaluates your use of Google Ads features such as Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Google Ads Measurement Certification

You’ll see how well you can use Google Analytics to monitor campaign success metrics like revenue, app downloads, and lead generation in this exercise.

Google Ads Video Certification

This exam assesses your ability to build and refine YouTube and Google Video ad campaigns.

Shopping Ads Certification

This assessment evaluates your understanding of how to create effective Google Shopping ad campaigns, as well as your ability to use Showcase Shopping advertisements and Smart Shopping campaigns.

Google Ads App Certification

This exam assesses your abilities to design, refine, and review Google App ad campaigns.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Google AdWords Certification Cost

Earlier, Google AdWords certification cost was $100. Thankfully, the exam is now entirely free. The AdWords Fundamentals, Display Advertising, and Search Advertising exams each have a 120-minute time limit and require you to answer about 100 questions.

In contrast, you would need to correctly answer approximately 70 questions in 90 minutes for Mobile Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and Video Advertising. The passing score is 80%, and if you miss, Google allows you to retake the test after seven days.

Why Should You Become a Google AdWords Certified Professional?

You may not be a licensed Google AdWords Professional whether you are a newbie in the Google AdWords community or if you have been dealing with AdWords for years. It doesn’t mean you’re not a ‘professional’ if you don’t have Google AdWords Certification. Certification, on the other hand, has many advantages. Here are a few of them:

Better PPC Performance


Improving account success is one of the key aspects of the AdWords Online Training site. Advertisers can learn more about AdWords and get better reviews by attending free live Webinars.

Find Out About New Features

You may have been using PPC for years, but there are functions you are unaware of or are uncertain how to use. Exam topics will include Website Optimizer, Conversion Optimizer, the Content Network, Google Analytics, and more if you took the AdWords Certification exam. Also, AdWords veterans may be unaware of these features. To pass this test, you must know everything about AdWords, even though you don’t use it on a daily basis.

Authority and Recognition in Industry

Are you providing PPC account management services? If so, you can make AdWords Professional Certification a top priority. When customers learn about Google certifications, their perceptions are altered. They’ll think of you as a ‘pro.’

If you work as a PPC manager in-house, you can become accredited because your company is the customer in this situation. If you’re searching for work, including a Google AdWords Certificate on your resume will help you stand out.

How Should You Take The Google AdWords Exam?

Step1: Sign Into Google Partners

You must first sign up with Google Partners before taking the Google AdWord Certification Exam. If you haven’t yet signed up for Google Partners, make sure you do so. This isn’t a colossal challenge. Many in charge of AdWords accounts should register. To sign up for Google Partners, go to

Step2: Certifications Adwords

On the left-hand side of the page, after logging into Google Partners, there will be a certifications tab. Click on AdWords under certifications.

Step3: Start With The Exam

Almost all become simple by using Google. Unlike several other tests, you do not need to register months in advance to guarantee a spot. You can take this test almost anywhere if you have wifi access and are trained. If you’re ready, simply pick the exam from the AdWords Exams section and press “Take exam.”

Step4: Redo The Process

You must pass an additional test before beginning the AdWords Fundamentals. As a result, plan ahead to see which test you can take next. One of the most important choices is whether or not to take one of the complementary examinations. Choosing which type of ads would profit you the most is based on a number of factors. If the majority of your clients are in the e-commerce room, for example, the second exam could be shopping ads. After passing both tests (the Fundamentals are required), you will be recognized as an AdWords Certified Professional.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

What Is The Best Way To Prepare For Google AdWords Certification Exams?

Preparing for an exam with a passing score of more than 80 and a time limit of 120 minutes will be difficult if the approach is to have no strategy. However, this does not imply that you would go without sleep to become a bookworm. Though there might be some questions that stump you, passing the exam should not be a problem if you are positive and happy with Google AdWords.

Exam Study Guides By Google

With a comprehensive research guide core for each test, Google is the perfect option for you. They are, however, detailed and, well, excessively exhaustive. If you aren’t interested enough and don’t have enough time to click through each page, this approach can be difficult for you.

iPass Exam

You will learn and pass the AdWords Exams with iPass Exam. The iPass framework will provide you with questions that are close to those on the actual test. The tests are beneficial, but they do come at a cost.

The best advice anyone can offer is to get a practical program and practice under your belt before taking an exam. For example, doing PPC work for a real client or in-house. What is the reason for this? Since Google also suggests gaining on-the-job AdWords training prior to taking these qualification exams.

Training Institue

Google AdWords Certification courses can assist you to get better at attaining knowledge and also practising it on a daily basis. The practical approach and theoretical approach can be enhanced simultaneously with the assistance of these courses.

On-The-Job Experience

Google suggests that you have prior work experience in Google Ads. You should have prior experience handling various forms of Google Ads promotions and be familiar with online advertising principles and best practices.

To pass all of the Google Ads qualification tests, you must be able to develop, serve, evaluate, and refine real-world ads in addition to understanding the fundamental theories behind online advertisement. If you’ve worked for Google Ads before, these activities would be even simpler. If you’re already acquainted with the system, you’ll be able to assess your strengths and limitations and determine which subjects you need to learn.

Benefits of Google Adwords Certification Courses

Endorsement From Google

This is a valuable ability to have when you’re a person or part of a group. People will locate you using the Google Partners platform. Via its exclusive search engine, Google Partner Search, this could lead to networking opportunities or even new leads.

In addition to educational events, sponsorship, discounts, and beta testing opportunities, Google Partner membership comes with a slew of other perks. There are some fantastic benefits!

Something New To Learn

Something New To Learn
Something New To Learn

Let’s face it, experts don’t actually exist, particularly those who self-identify as such. You can, however, develop your skills. I’m sure there are certain capabilities on these websites that you’re not making use of well even at all. Why not extend your expertise if you already know the information?

On the other hand, you might discover something completely different. Consider it the beginning of your journey. Once you’ve earned your certification, you’ve mastered the fundamentals, so keep learning as best as you can. You’ll be able to adapt your new abilities and experience to your work, and people will come to you for assistance! It’s always reassuring to be wanted.

Improve Your Organization’s Performance

You’ll be well on the way to make better suggestions and decisions on policy execution after you’ve learned how to correctly set up and navigate Analytics.

Furthermore, it is in Google’s best interest for any business to have a good AdWords campaign. You’ll have learned how to build good campaigns to get the conversions you want through the qualification process.

Detailed Business Insight

Google Analytics, in particular, is a fantastic method to use for doing some kind of brand research. You’ll be able to browse and dive deep into the collected data with your newfound insight, learning about your consumers’ preferences and how they communicate with your brand and website. You’ll know what’s working and what isn’t, and you’ll be able to make smarter decisions based on the knowledge.

Enhancement of Portfolio

It’s simple: qualification establishes that you are knowledgeable in your field. This is appealing to both prospective customers and employers. And if a customer has no idea what the qualification process means, they would trust you because you know what you’re doing. Will you rather partner with a reputable PPC ad agency or a group of individuals who plan to do their best for you?

Similarly, if you’re looking for a career in Internet marketing, you’ll likely find that Google certifications are often requested or preferred by many employers. It also demonstrates a willingness to learn to keep up with market developments and shifts. It’s time to beef up your résumé!

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Post Attainment of Google AdWords Certification

As previously said, Google certifications aid in instilling trust in prospective customers and employees, so it is critical to have a plan in place to have it in front of them.

The first step is to access and print the certification. To do so, log into your Google Partners account and click My Profile from the overview section. Under your profile image, you’ll see a link that says “AdWords Certified.” Click that to read and print your certification.

Under the Certifications section on Linkedin, you can add the title there in order to promote your achievement. It is important to promote social media sites for commercial purposes. If you use Twitter, for example, you can have it in your bio below your Twitter profile image. You should display your certification status on your website, resume, business cards, and other marketing materials.


Working hard to pass the Google Advertising exams is worth the effort, even though it seems to be a lot of work. The credential confirms to your peers, boss, and network that you are a subject matter specialist in your profession.

Most notably, studying for the exam would help you become a professional marketer. You’ll learn how to create more effective campaigns and use Google Analytics to monitor their progress.

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