A Beginner’s Guide on How to do Email Marketing

A Beginner’s Guide on How to do Email Marketing

What are sales and marketing? Do you know? Have you noticed earlier that technologies have changed the way to do sales and marketing? Just get the answer here that when you start to follow the digitized way to do your business, it saves lots of time. Yes, digital marketing is growing day by day because traditional marketing takes so much time to convince people. And here we are for a discussion about how to do email marketing.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Before going further about how to do email marketing, just go to the definition of traditional and digital marketing because it will clarify the concept of why email marketing is essential and gaining lots of popularity. Traditional marketing is very costly but digital marketing is cost-effective. 

Email Marketing .
Email Marketing .

In traditional marketing, you invest lots of money in magazines and newspapers but in the case of digital marketing, your website and social media are enough to encourage people for your product and services in a minimum amount and the amazing thing is that people don’t go for seeing the advertisement on a traditional platform. They always search on social media platforms which is easy to access and take advice among others in the community. So, you can provide the reason why to buy your product when you are advertising on the social media platform.

Businesses prefer this digital marketing medium in many ways. They know that it is the solution for them which have different types of pathways where we can explain our products and services in front of customers. Email marketing is one of them which are very essential when you are launching any products and services and need to explore in the inbox. It has many benefits. How to create an email marketing campaign is a big question but here you will find the solution. Email marketing delivers the immediate track to inform people about your products in personalization form in their inbox.

How to do email marketing is a technique also which comes under the types of digital marketing that you should understand. What does it mean which I have explained right now? It means that sending an email to your audience is one kind of process by which you can advertise your newly launched products or you can also proceed further with your clients. The Email list that you possess is very beneficial to go with that for further benefits and make permanent clients.

Now, here I am describing the Email marketing concept: what is it?  It is the modern way to communicate with customers.  Emails are the form of communication themselves and the first emails were sent in 1971. The world-wide-web has made changes with revolution and emails have become now the great zone of digital marketing. 

A large percentage of people check their mails daily which gives the high potential to reach your website on top. The Email marketing goal is to directly communicate with online consumers to gain something like to generate sales, encourage downloading, get visitors, etc. You can also do a promotional campaign. But, how to create an email marketing campaign, you will go beyond this concept and use a more cunning approach to both engage and reach online visitors.

You can ask why email marketing is preferred by marketers? The target of email marketing is to obtain the message. But you also need to encourage them to explore how they are interacting with your email and click on your link.

If you are thinking of how to do email marketing for free or will it be beneficial for my business? Then don’t worry, I am explaining to you that it is a beneficial medium to do online marketing to grab more and more customers. It has several advantages that leverage beyond your thinking. There are some benefits to email marketing here:

  • Segmentation
  • Strengthen loyalty, trust, and relationship
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Good ROI and low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to measure
Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

These all points give the reason that email marketing is very effective and it is very beneficial to catch the customer in personalized form. Here I am also describing to you the top 10 types of emails that you can use to provide information to the user. These are:

  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Progress emails
  • Confirmation emails
  • Newsletter emails
  • Special offer emails
  • Milestone emails
  • New product announcement emails
  • Review request emails
  • Welcome emails
  • Curated content emails

It is very important to know the process of writing a business email.  The process to write an effective business email is here:

  • Start with the subject line
  • Give greetings
  • Target the message short and concise
  • Write in a standard font
  • Write closing
  • Schedule the email
  • Do grammar and spelling check

These are very important to remember when you are doing email marketing. You can also choose the beginner guide to take help and know how to do email marketing.

Email automation
Email automation

How to Do Email Marketing For Free To Attract Customers

How to do email marketing for free becomes a puzzle when you are not knowing all the beneficial tools which give the right track to start and grow your business. There are several free email marketing tools like:


It gives you the fluidity and flexibility for the email campaign to create and execute. It will perform great and increase productivity. You can also use its automation to save time. It is helpful to create a customer funnel. Also, its features include the most affordable cost. It is powerful and functional and as well as easy to use. It provides the drag and drop capable experience and creates professional emails.


It is a modern email marketing tool and has a simple drag and drop interface. You can set the perfect backdrop and beautiful design with current templates. It also includes the contact manager and keeps tracking eyes and contacts up to date. It has various options to design sign-up forms, include website and hosted forms and as well as pop-up and Facebook forms.

Email Octopus

It runs via Amazon SES. It follows the fishy themes, and its name of free plan is Shrimp plan. It allows running email campaigns only and the sent plan status is only for 90 days. After reaching 62,000 emails per month, it starts to permit unlimited emails. You can use email marketing templates and also upload your templates. You can also send a beautifully designed newsletter or a simple text. To collect email addresses, you can use hosted forms, embedded forms, WordPress Plugin, and as well as collect subscriber information.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class


It is the best-known mailing tool that provides the regular update of its product and new features. It is known for its new offerings and wide range of social media channels like Instagram ads, social posting, email, landing pages, Facebook postcards, and pop-up forms. You can synchronize and store graphics, photos, and files. You can also access single step automation like order notifications, abandoned cart, welcome emails, etc.


It is a powerful mailer solution and has a limited free plan. You can access various features like the rich text editor, drag and drop editor, and the built-in photo editor. It is also helpful to organize files and create a mobile-friendly newsletter.


It is mainly used for the fast-moving team to get email solutions. You will get one platform to create, edit, and send emails. It is free and designed to send 6,000 emails per month.


It is advanced and known as a next-generation tool. It includes WhatsApp, Messenger, Bots, email, SMS, and Voice. It has a forever free plan which allows sending up to 300 emails per month. It has a powerful drag and drops editor. It has been designed especially for the beginning firm.


When you have a small email list, this tool will be best to use. It allows sending unlimited emails to 1000 subscribers per month.  It provides custom sign-up forms to help to build up an email list. It has a user-friendly drag and drops editor and a free template library. It uses three steps of automation to simplify your email process which is to select the event, set the filter, and choose the action from the list.

There are several other tools also which give the solution and rectify your problem how to do email marketing for free. You can start your email marketing with a great and advanced tool. Now, it’s time to start the email marketing campaign.

Get An Idea About How To Create Email Marketing Campaign? 

An email marketing campaign is a process to send a business email to one or more customers. It provides the recipient to take action, engage your business, and helps to generate leads and sales. How to create email marketing campaign is not tough to work. You will get easy to work and create your campaign with ease. You have to follow some guidelines here and you can easily get the email marketing campaign. Some steps are here to follow:

Build the targeted list of email

Take the step at first to convert the website visitors into subscribers.

Fix your goal

Define Goals
Define Goals

It is very important to determine the goal and get the idea to make a successful campaign. Just understand your email marketing goals. Get the email marketing platform: as discussed above, it’s time to choose your email marketing tools.

Consolidate the contact

If you are using old data to send and create a mail list, then change it and choose the current one. It is very simple to get a contact email list by CRM, existing email account, existing email list, and contact management system, an e-commerce platform.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Build the list from scratch

Don’t worry, if you are facing the empty contact database. There are few ways to build the contact database which could be always current. The steps attract visitors by compelling information, offer relevant assets, make an easy to subscribe option, offer a guarantee and avoid spam, offer promotion in front of new subscribers, use a free CTA button, tweet about the new contact email list, and include a subscription link.

Segment the email list

It is for highly targeted people to send email as per their interest and demographic measures. It includes geography, firmographics, demographics, a past purchase, amount spent, the position is a sales funnel, time of last purchase, expressed interest, and engaged emails.

Create body

Inform people by sender name, subject line, and preheader. Now fill the body with subscriber’s interest, avoidance of heavy text, include visual, construct the email with correct readability, keep the design consistent, and include various CTAs. Now, complete the footer with contact information, a social media link, an unsubscribe link.

Enable the auto-responder

Set the time of email to automatically send with the regular release. The auto-responders are transactional, welcome, thanks, activation, post-purchase, upsell or cross-promotion, triggered by website behaviour, date triggered, event countdown, win back, shopping cart abandonment, etc

Enable tracking

Use metrics for email campaign optimization like unique open rate, click-through rate, click to open rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, and spam complaint rate.


The above-mentioned points show that you have created an email marketing campaign. Now the last step is to send the email. Hence send it and get your goals.

These are the structures of how to do email marketing. You can go with that and get solutions. This guide is very helpful and creates a list of your current customers. 

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Content Writing Course Demo Class


Email marketing is an excellent method to get a massive list of customers about your product and services. It is one of the best methods to start your online marketing campaign. If you were searching how to do email marketing, then you can grab the best guideline here. Doing email marketing is not a tough task. It is also a part of digital marketing and is liked by people. So, you can start to do your business with email marketing which also supports getting quick sales to funnel for your products. The purchasing by customers becomes easy through email marketing.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

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