A Beginner’s Guide on How to Start Content Writing

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Start Content Writing

Are you ready to write content? Or ready to do content marketing? Here are some important tips on how to start Content Writing as a beginner. So are you ready! This market is so broad and after analysis, you will find that content marketing is growing for business purposes on the internet. It gives you the global scope to expand the business online. 

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Content is everything to promote your business. If you have decided to write the content, it is important to go with the professional writing tips. Also, you will definitely find some guidelines for a content writer to write for the audience and Google. It may create some difficulties when you are a beginner in content writing. So, here Skills Upgrader has included some guidelines on how to start Content Writing which helps you to produce your content.

How to Start Content Writing

How To Start A Career In Content Writing
How To Start A Career In Content Writing

Start with the Persuasive Headline

The title or a headline solves 3 different aspects. It gives the reader attention, serves accurate information, and meets the Google search guideline for the top rank. The title must have the focus keyword. The ideal length of the tile should be around 6 to 7 words or between 55 to 70 characters. It is best to use words as “how, why, do, etc” which symbolizes a question from the reader. Google also reads it very fast and gives the highest rank to your content on the website.

Make it Easy to Read Content

The formatted content helps to read easily to the reader and Google also scans and catches fast to give top rank. The long text sometimes becomes so difficult to read online. Readers always go with an interesting point and they read the content which is highlighted at first.

It is useful to break the paragraph into a short sentence because the reader feels easy to read your content. Also, use subheadings in bold form. It separates the content into ideas or topics so that the readers can easily come across the concept behind the content that is what you are going to inform them about.

Stories, numbering, and creating a list in your content with points help to format the content and sleeves the problem that how to start Content Writing with catchy style. It provides an organized way to write and helps search engines to the index for the top level of search position.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing & Focus on the Topic

If you are getting puzzled about how to start Content Writing as a beginner then you should know that the basic rule to write the content is writing a guideline that you are learning in a school. But also you must have an idea to go professionally and for that, it is needed to include the keyword which helps to find Google about your niche also. You should always concentrate to produce well-defined content with high quality which is only done by explaining the topic clearly.

If you are failing to provide the keyword properly and it is getting stuff, then Skills Upgrader advises you that don’t go for publishing your content because it can penalize your content. Use the focus keyword 3 to 4 times and the secondary keyword 2 times in such cases.

Go with Word Count

For a beginner, it is a very puzzling case to write long content and put keywords nicely. But the word count solves this problem and it will also give you a better understanding of the length of the article or blog that Google can easily crawl. The smart content should be 1000 words. You can also go with a maximum of 1500 to 2500 words to complete your content.

A current search engine study has found that 1890 words are the standard length to get the top rank. But 500 words are also good enough to be indexed by Google for top search rank.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Go for the Proofreading

Proofreading is an important part for beginners. Stop thinking a lot about how to start Content Writing with perfection. Proofreading solves lots of mistakes in your content. You can edit the content by eliminating grammar and spelling mistakes with this technique. Beware! Your content represents your business due to which the customer gets an attraction towards your brand. So, it is advice here by Skills Upgrader that doesn’t go with poorly checked content. It may damage your brand image.

Use some tools to prove your content and which can check the spelling and grammar mistakes by choosing famous tools like Paper Rater, Grammarly, etc. You can also choose another way that goes with the other person’s checking procedure. It means hiring a proof-reader who can easily catch the mistakes.

Practice Makes the Writer Perfect

Content writing deserves more practice. The more you write, the more your writing skills become easy to present any topic in front of users. There are various tools to analyze your content. The online medium is very vast and free to use. You can take help on how to start Content Writing in the initial phase. The free tools will point to your mistakes and correct them properly.

If you write content with a focus on error-free methods, it will give your business a top rank position in the market. Content marketing totally depends on the perfect and analyzed writing skill set.

Are You Thinking That How Do I Start Content Writing from Home? 

How Do I Start Content Writing from Home
How Do I Start Content Writing from Home

How do I start content writing from home? If you are thinking of doing work with flexible timing at your home, you can really do it. But what is the process by which you can start your content writing from home? Let’s know about it here.

Freelance content writing is the platform where you can write for different projects from different companies. If you love to write you will surely get a broad range of projects which can help you get a flexible career. Many writers choose to focus on a specific niche which is their interest and experience but taking projects on a different topic is more fruitful because on this platform you can start blogging on various niches, local businesses, work with social media channels, and also you can write for a print magazine.

Content writing from home is a popular choice because it is a major platform for additional income. One can also move for the full-time freelance content writing career which helps to work remotely with one’s own schedule. If you are not sure how do I start content writing from home, you are in the right place. 

It is not compulsory that you have an idea about any topic that you can write. You don’t need to carry deep knowledge, qualification, and any specialization for any topic. It is only the practice, passion for writing, and engaging writing style to start work. Some steps will help you to carry good writing habits. So, don’t think about how to start career in content writing. Skills Upgrader will give you all the solutions here.

Choose the Niche

The first step is to choose your niche in which you have an interest in writing. You can write more easily without long research. For example, if you have the interest to write on travel and tourism and you like to visit the spot, then start to share your experience and knowledge about this topic. It will create your interest in writing and you will work energetically.

Create a Blog or Website

If you are facing confusion about how do I start content writing from home, just go to create a website or blog to write and publish on. The online presence is very essential if you are a freelance writer. Start to write a self blog, share it, and grab feedback on your content.

Also, there are various websites that provide a free platform to create a blog like WordPress, Wix, or medium. You can also create an online resume or portfolio to share on the website.

Create Sample Work

Sample work is your portfolio which you can share among the people. Create a reader base and catch clients. 

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Put a Portfolio & Build Readership

Now it’s time to start your work by combining both your niche and portfolio. It will give you the category to catch the audience and grab more opportunities to write. You will start to get paid projects and as well as companies who demand content writers.

Go to Check Specialized Job Boards

Checking the communities to get more ideas is a good source for specialized job boards.  The job board is the source that generates leads by sharing information and ideas.

Collect Your Client Testimonials

The client testimonials build up the faith on your website among other people. So, your clients are a more important aspect, never ignore them. Ask a few words on their email after completing the work or use LinkedIn for this.

3 Tips to Make Money Online by Freelancing:

  • Skip content mills
  • Go to develop leads from new business
  • Generate global client base

Skills Upgrader Tells How To Start A Career In Content Writing

What is Content Writing
What is Content Writing

How to start a career in content writing is a typical question for those people who have an interest but don’t know professional writing skills. Skills Upgrader solves this problem because if you are fresher, you can come here to know and expand your skillset about writing. You will become a perfect writer to generate a source of income and enhancement in your skills professionally.

Who is a Content Writer?

A content writer is a professional and experienced person who writes perfectly on any topic to publish it on the internet. he/she churns out engaging and flourishing content that attracts readers online. The content writer has a large demand in various industries because companies are choosing the digital platform where they need a content writer to grow and maintain their brand in the topmost position.

Eligibility of How to Start a Career in Content Writing

Here are the eligibility criteria if you want to be a content writer. The candidate should have:

Excellent Communication & Writing Skills

Have some fundamental knowledge of email marketing, SEO, web analytics, and other digital marketing work. Comfortable to meet the given deadline perfectly.

Job Roles of the Content Writer

The job roles of a content writer are given here:

Web content manager: He or she is responsible for the organization, creation, publishing, and planning of the content. The web content manager is the part of the sales team and leadership and also the part of that team that delivers content.

Digital Content Strategist: This person has the task to create content for the branded website. The responsibility of the Digital Content Strategist is to create unique content for the fan-based brand or organization to attract new people.

Content developer: The job role of the content developer is to research trending topics and write content by combining both and preparing unique content.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Salary of the Content Writer

If you are starting a career as a content writer, you must have knowledge about the pay scale of the employee. The full-time content writer salary in an organization starts from INR 13000/- to 51000/-.

So, don’t think too much about how to start a career in content writing because this skill gives you lots of opportunities and different kinds of organizations to work. You can work as a freelancer or a full-time employee. Location is not the restriction to work as a content writer.


Content writing is a good profession and if someone likes to write, he or she can choose it as a career. To become a professional content writer or a freelance content writer, you must have some p[rofessional skill set which is given by Skills Upgrader. To start your career in the content writing field you should choose the professional place where you can build up your self as an experienced content writer. This step will give good growth to earn income also. The guideline given in this content is very unique and gives you a solution to become a professional content writer.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

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