Top 7 PPC Growth Hacks to Use in 2021

Top 7 PPC Growth Hacks to Use in 2021

Whether you’ve learned about PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing and are interested in learning more, or you already know you’d like to use PPC to promote your company. The integration of PPC into digital marketing strategies has become more and more mandatory to cope up with the changing trends. This is the reason why you should know PPC Growth Hacks.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

The number of digital devices being used has increased exponentially with the development of technology and consumers becoming more and more educated. Therefore the use of PPC in the marketing strategy has become more influential. PPC has been a hugely successful strategy to generate leads and increase the conversion rate.


Generally, PPC is a way of buying visits to your website instead of generating them organically. PPC revolves around selecting a targeted audience who can see your advertisement and only pay when anyone performs a click on that advertisement.

Pay per click has been an instrumental tool for businesses, and some of its benefits are:

  • PPC provides a huge chance to maximize the return on investment (ROI).
  • PPC gives you all the freedom to set your budget to suit your needs.
  • PPC enables accurate targeting of keywords, demographics, and interests.
  • PPC has the ability to generate consistent and instant traffic to your website.
  • PPC provides you with considerable traffic in less time for a predictable sum of money.
  • PPC provides you with Ad-Scheduling and Geo-Targeting, which helps to reduce the cost.
  • PPC helps to improve your website’s SEO as it helps to increase the visibility of the website.

PPC requires constant tracking and modification to maintain the ROI at an ideal level. PPC can be really frustrating and requires a great deal of time. 

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Top 7 PPC Growth Hacks

Here are the seven PPC growth hacks that would help you to take more advantage of the PPC campaigns:

1. Choose the Right Location

Choose the Right Location
Choose the Right Location

Choose all of your target locations carefully as a business organization, as it would make no sense to clicks from places where you do not supply your product/service. 

If you don’t target your ads appropriately, you could lose a lot of your budget. Many marketers waste their PPC budget because, when setting up PPC campaigns, they don’t concentrate much on location targeting.

You can take your optimized campaigns to the next level with the geo-location segmentation of campaigns. Targeting local campaigns gives you much more influence over keywords, ads, landing pages, audience, and more.

A well-planned location-specific PPC strategy allows you to put your message before the right people. Following are the tips that will help you to use this more efficiently:

  • Exclude the areas where you do not have any potential customers.
  • Add location-specific terms to target as per geographical location and search intent.
  • Insert words and phrases in your ads that are relevant to the local audience to create super-local and highly appropriate messaging.
  • Insert ad extensions: Location and call extensions.
  • Use Google Trends to examine the locations that would be interested in your product/services.

2. Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are exactly the opposite of the target keywords. They help you offer Google instructions dictating the kinds of search terms you don’t want to appear for. 

Negative keywords stop a particular word or phrase from triggering your ad. Your ads will not be shown to anyone looking for that word. 

Negative keywords allow advertisements to show up in your advertisement for people who are more likely to click on them. They encourage you to choose certain terms that won’t activate your ad and stop you from showing your ad to people looking for things you don’t give.

Not only do they reduce the costs by excluding unnecessary or obsolete keywords, but they also allow the campaign to generate a positive return.

Negative keywords will filter down the clicks into potential leads and sales and save the PPC budget when used correctly and effectively by constantly being reviewed.

3. Display Ads at the Appropriate Time

Display Ads at the Appropriate Time
Display Ads at the Appropriate Time

It’s important to target the right audience, but it won’t make sense if the advertisements are displayed at the wrong time. At a certain time of the day, there may be a pattern that the advertisements perform better.

Upon initial testing by showing the ads throughout the day, change your bidding schedule to pay more attention to your ads as they hit their maximum conversion rates.

If your ads get significant clicks at a certain time of the day but don’t make any conversions during that course of the day you should limit ad impressions. The main objective is to attain more conversions instead of clicks.

It is necessary to display the ads at the most effective time so that the ROI is maximum and the cost incurred is not misused.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

4. Long-Tail Keywords

This is one of the most important PPC Growth Hacks. Keywords of the short term are wider and deeper and have a huge volume of search. Many marketers, therefore, make the mistake of targeting only these keywords. It is clear that they will observe lots of impressions and clicks with short-term keywords, while the conversion rate will be very low due to the very wide traffic.

Long-tail keywords are three or four-word phrases that are extremely product / service-specific. Targeting long-tail keywords have a comparatively low search volume but they only boost focused and conversion-oriented traffic. So, building ad groups with long-tail keywords is easiest.

Long-tail keywords are searches of extremely high quality because the searcher has specified exactly what they are looking for. Usually, the level of competition is small, offering you a valuable opportunity to convert searchers at a fraction of your average cost.

You should also build and copy ad titles that include your keywords. Also, remember to guide your visitors to the landing page that suits your ads ‘ content. For fewer people bidding on your keywords, the cost per click will decrease.

Long-tail keywords result in a higher level of conversion as your advertisements are more concentrated. They also lead to higher score quality, better ad position and lower cost per click.

5. Create Ads for Mobile

Create Ads for Mobile
Create Ads for Mobile

Mobile advertising becomes a key component of the strategy of digital marketing. The number of searches conducted on mobile devices has become so common that it has exceeded the number of searches executed on desktop computers.

One of the simplest methods for PPC growth is to create specific mobile ads as it always leads to better CTR and conversion rates. 

With no signs of slowing down, the smartphone phenomenon is simply increasing. Since mobile searches are too easy, you must customize your mobile ads for efficient results in your PPC campaigns.

To target both desktop and mobile devices, many marketers use the same ads – which is not a smart idea though. The ads appear on mobile devices differently, create separate ads that are targeted only to mobile devices.

The quality of your mobile ads should be based on your desired goals, as with a standard PPC campaign. If the motive of the ad is to generate sales, then the ads should be conversion oriented. 

6. Make Unique and Attractive Offers

PPC is one of the most productive ways of advertising online and due to this, the competition in this space is immense. So in order to stand out, not only do you need to make unique advertisements but also make attractive offers to maximize the conversion rate.

The first thing you need to build an offer is to make it very clear and easy to understand. The simpler the deal, the easier it will be to convert the visitor. You can also create an offer that provides a solution to the query of the visitor and fulfills the desire as well.

People generally rely on other people’s experiences before making any decisions. In addition, social facts and testimonials can be integrated to support and encourage the visitor to take action.

Good bid offers a large audience a significant value. Offer value and then use a good call-to-action to highlight it.

7. Home Page and Landing Page are Different

Regarding the homepage as the landing page is a huge mistake. A homepage is not a site for landing. It is essential to understand the difference between the home page and the landing page.

Home pages have goals that are different from your landing pages. Therefore, do not waste all your resources by sending potential customers to an insignificant homepage.

A visitor has a range of conversion choices, such as buying your service, subscribing to your email list, registering, downloading an eBook, case study, etc. And since there are different conversion options, for each of the conversion options you need different and centred landing pages.

A home page is an overview of your business, products/services, where the visitor has plenty of options. Whereas the landing page focuses on the visitor’s attention on transforming them into what you want them to do.

Make a simple, totally appropriate landing page for your ad. Do not risk losing your potential consumers by directing them to an irrelevant landing page.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

PPC Growth Hacks – Conclusion

Though these are just a few things that can help you increase your ROI, there are infinite possibilities, but then successful execution takes experience and time.

We hope that with an overall increase in ROI, these PPC growth hacks will help you boost your campaign performance and generate more clicks, leads, and sales.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

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