11 Web Design Trends Taking Over 2021

11 Web Design Trends Taking Over 2021

Did you know that there are over 1.1 billion active websites currently across the world? 

Not to mention, thousands more go live every waking day. Each site is different from the last since it features numerous new web trends affecting web design. 

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Therefore, anyone in web design must keep up with these changes. It’s the only way to set up a site that meets the current standards. 

2021 is proving to be no different from the past few years. There is an increasing number of web design trends with no end in sight.

Below is a list of trends you have to learn this year to create the best websites. For instance, you can use it on games like the stellar wind

11 Web Design Trends in 2021

1. The Dark Mode

While bright colors are still a practical background for images, more people are embracing Dark Mode. This web trend means you choose a black background for your site instead of the classic white. That way, your content has a unique look. 

Usually, anyone engaging in constant web design must know how this trend works. It defies the conventional methods and welcomes users to new-age web design and development. For instance, it’s the perfect trend to use on a fashion site with an edge. 

2. Real Products Digital Representation

Real Products Digital Representation
Real Products Digital Representation

How do you represent a physical product on a site using web design software? Well, you can use digital representation to capture the imagination of your audience. For instance, you can smear the page with shadows to market the product to potential clients. 

Admittedly, digital representation in web design is a trend that many developers are using in 2021. Most of the products that embrace it, require essential elements of design. Anyone visiting the web page feels it’s more unpredictable, which is quite arresting. 

Furthermore, the concept of meshing day-to-day life and technological aspects fits the current world. Websites are proving more of a necessity with the changing times. 

3. Activism through Web Design

Different brands are learning the importance of taking a stand in an increasingly challenging world. That’s why there’s a growing demand for web design tailored to suit activism. More web design inspiration comes from watching the reason people are more passionate about. 

Usually, customers tend to support brands that promote causes they are passionate about. So one way these brands spread the word by branding merchandise. Next, the companies similarly customize websites. 

From the buyers’ perspective, such brands seem to have moral standing and awareness. Daring images and videos speak louder letting everyone know what the company stands for. The web design trend attracts more supporters. 

4. The VUI (Voice User Interface)

The VUI (Voice User Interface)
The VUI (Voice User Interface)

Suppose you want to translate a specific word or sentence from one language to another; you’ll need to locate an app with the right VUI. The VUI application is proving useful now more than ever. 

Today, more people from different cultures are interacting and sharing information. That’s why more web design companies are upgrading Voice User Interface. It also works when you want to listen to text on a site rather than read it. 

The interface works best internally, depending on the context. However, designers must provide a top-notch user experience. It helps beef up communication and understanding. 

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5. Scrolling Horizontally

The trend was popular back in the day, but vertical scrolling took over in web design. But now it’s making a comeback with many more sites utilizing it. 

Frankly, the best web design software is diverse. That’s why more designers are embracing scrolling horizontally. It’s a practical web trend when you have an extensive gallery of images you want to view in totality. The easiest way to do so is to scroll horizontally on the screen. 

However, to keep users interested in the content, web designers choose to have more options available. For instance, they can choose between scrolling horizontally or vertically. That way, they don’t feel forced to follow this unconventional trend. 

Additionally, not all content requires such scrolling. There is an image gallery as well. It’s best to stick to vertical scrolling for text and other content while doing web design. 

6. Muted Colors

Not all content on a site requires bright colors to stand out. At times, muted colors prove more eye-catching than any other on a website. That’s why more designers are embracing this trend in 2021 while undertaking web design projects. 

Now, more web design courses are teaching this trend among effective ways to create the best sites. For example, any hand-drawn images tend to pop when they have a muted color background. 

With that in mind, as a web designer, it’s high time you learn how to apply the trend. It makes your sites more visible in a competitive world. 

7. Embracing Icons

Modern web design is nothing short of revolutionary, with many web trends hitting the internet each year. 2021 is no different, with more designers incorporating icons on sites. These moderate tools for visual communication are pretty compelling. 

Generally, they deliver a message while taking up the least possible space. That’s why you notice more businesses using them on their slogans and other wordings on websites. 

One trick with using icons is noting the different families. Always use the ones from the same group since these are more effective. Also, it makes web design a more memorable experience. 

8. Audio Enhancement

Audio Enhancement
Audio Enhancement

An all-inclusive website gets more traffic because of its thoughtful web design. For instance, people with visual impairment want a site that has better audio interfaces. That way, they can listen to the content. 

Such custom web design shows a company knows it has a diverse audience. By implementing audio enhancement as an accompaniment to written content, everyone feels accepted. More work is needed on this trend, but it’s heading in the right direction so far. 

9. Revolutionary Vintage Fonts

Most industries experience a comeback in terms of trends like fashion. For instance, a designer takes the hippie look from 1970 and brings the trendy Boho-chic look that’s popular today. The same concept works in web design, where vintage fonts are re-imagined. 

Such a vintage font works well with learning web design. You can easily trace the history of each font and restyle it. Moreover, you can merge old concepts with new ones to achieve unique styles that make sites pop. 

Truthfully, achieving the right font is crucial for every sight you design. It can dictate whether the audience is captivated or passes by without a second glance. So even the kind of vintage font you use requires careful consideration. 

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

10. Unusual Illustrations

Weird is the thing today in almost every aspect of life. In every web design tutorial you come across, you can see this trend play out. Emphasis is on making the site as unique as possible using quake 2-D illustrations. 

Back in the day, the norm was not to clutter a web page and make it look as professional as possible. But, changing work environments are trickling down to web design. The more absurd a site, the more interest it generates. 

For instance, you can try out numerous storylines and angles mixed with different color palettes. Such attractive illustrations cause a big stir online and pull in more visitors. Not to mention they achieve comeback visits to pages on a site. 

Therefore, web design requires embracing unusual ways of doing things like illustrations. That way, you achieve the goal of the site fast and effectively. 

11. Multiple Media Use

Today, internet access is readily available in numerous parts of the world. That’s why web design has changed to include multiple media use on a site. People take time to go through a site and not just scan through like before. 

Therefore, every site must incorporate different media. For instance, text and visuals aren’t enough. Now audio is proving to be more necessary with plenty of online web courses on offer. Students want to listen to the content as well as read and see it. 

At the same time, multiple media requires further formatting. The simple image should go hand in hand with complex ones. Such diversity makes a site interesting though it takes time to achieve such web design. 

All in all, when you use multimedia effectively, the results are astounding, not to mention such abilities make you demand more web design salary from your employers. 

Final Take

Web Design Trends
Web Design Trends

2021 is proving to be an inventive year in web design. So many trends are changing how developers create sites for clients. Above is a list of the latest trends worth noting as you continue with web creation. 

Such trends serve a plethora of purposes, but the end goal is to attain the best customer experience. The most noticeable trait is all these are easy to implement, even for beginners. However, knowledge of free web design software is necessary, plus you can keep searching for more upcoming web trends. 

Do you have any questions about this topic? Please leave them in the comment section, and we shall get back to you. 

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