Top 100+ Article Submission Sites For 2021

Top 100+ Article Submission Sites For 2021

Sites for the posting of articles allow an organization to publish and advertise it’s content on article submission sites. It helps improve the rating of the search engine while increasing the traffic on the website.

By applying the relevant keywords to the content, the search engine rank is further improved. Using this approach, one will raise awareness of their brand and the goods. 

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

One can receive traffic to their websites with article submission. It is an efficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO) off-page strategy and you can write how to write SEO optimized content with the guidance of a certified content writing course. The goal behind the submission of an article is to execute a promotion without paying for tactics such as Google AdWords or other paid advertising.

What is Article Submission?

What is Article Submission
What is Article Submission

Article submission, as described above, refers to the practice of uploading high-quality posts to high-quality and well-recognized websites or directories relevant to your blog. The basic aim behind doing so is to boost your blog’s search engine rating as well as to improve the traffic it attracts.

Various essay submission sites are available to choose from. To contribute to the gain of users, the number of free article submission sites is higher than the number of paying ones.

The submission of articles is considered one of the most powerful, trustworthy, and open techniques implemented by SEO. Two options are given for article submission in SEO: link no-follow and link do-follow. It should pick between the two according to the sort of audience that the company wishes to draw.

Article Submission Sites Importance for Online Business

Article Submission Sites Importance for Online Business
Article Submission Sites Importance for Online Business

There are numerous approaches used by firms and corporations in the era of technology and digital media to improve their website visibility and attract more visitors.

SEO, social media ads, newsletters, and even more are among these methodologies. Typically, the strategies used depend on the sort of audience that a business needs to draw. Article submission is one of the budding techniques of digital ads.

One of the most powerful and successful off-page SEO techniques is article submission. It is the method of submitting high-end and high-quality websites with quality posts linked to your blog.

Sending posts is the primary aim of drawing more audiences to the site, as well as growing its exposure and success. In recent years, various article submission sites have been created. The submission and promotion of articles let an organization publish and advertise its material on article viewing pages. It helps improve the rating of the search engine while increasing the traffic on the website.

By applying the relevant keywords to the content, the search engine rank is further improved. Using this approach, one will raise awareness of their brand and the goods.

Since the potential of article submission as a digital marketing tool will only grow in the future, there are grim chances of it being old and redundant. This essay attempts to shed light on the submission of papers and their nitty-gritty.

Advantages of Article Submission

Advantages of Article Submission
Advantages of Article Submission

Submission of posts is one of the most favoured strategies adopted by numerous businesses and companies to improve the popularity of their websites. To raise the popularity of their posts, bloggers and entrepreneurs often prefer to make use of article submission sites.

Different article submission sites with instant acceptance have recently been established. Again, this greatly adds to the efficacy of this unique SEO strategy. There are various reasons article submission is a reliable technique for gaining traffic.

Boost your (online business) website’s ranking on search engines, such as Google. This is attributed to the increase in both the PR attempts and the number of backlinks.

You can develop yourself as an authority by creating content that gives insightful insight into the industry that your online company caters to. This helps to raise excitement and also spread awareness. It also leads to building faith with prospective clients. This offers them an incentive to visit the website, thus increasing the rate of conversion.

Here are a couple of the factors or advantages for publishing an article on free article submission pages—

  • Submitting an article on those websites will help boost the rating of your blog on different search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more.
  • These sites help improve the blog or website’s exposure and recognition.
  • These article submission sites allow you to develop yourself in a specific field as an expert and increase the domain authority of your blog.
  • With several high DR websites, you can even build backlinks to boost the traffic your blog gets.
  • In the future, the abundance of such sites will only expand, and you will also have a considerable list of article submission sites to choose from.
  • A close relationship with readers can be established easily, which again encourages the rise in the success of your blog.
  • In terms of search engine ranks, exposure, reputation, and traffic, this would greatly add to the development of your website or blog.
Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

Each backlink is basically like a vote for your website, which helps to improve your website’s visibility. Submitting papers increases the number of subscribers and generates traffic. It enhances the presence of your company. One can also receive backlinks to their website for a lifetime via this SEO technique.

Significant Instructions for Publishing Blogpost on Top Article Submission Sites

Article submission, while an easy procedure, can also be tricky. When resorting to this SEO process, there are different considerations to bear in mind. A few main recommendations are listed below, considering all the essential elements—

  • A list of paper submission sites containing high quality and high DR websites is important.
  • Registering on any website by filling in the information, especially your email address, is a prerequisite.
  • The relevant genre to which your blog belongs also needs to be defined, such as fashion, politics, school, etc.
  • It is always advised that you include your website’s link as well as related keywords in the description box of the author.
  • Writing an intriguing and enticing essay with limited grammatical errors is the most important element in the submission of an article. It is also shown because most individuals often prefer to avoid reading posts that are too lengthy. Hence, keeping the article concise and clear is important.
  • For any post, keywords are important because they play an essential role in drawing the public to your website. Therefore, one should make sure to include in the text certain keywords that have been determined.
  • Edit and proofread the document until the writing procedure is finished and send it to the article submission pages you have shortlisted.
  • Your article will be reviewed and decided by the administrator whether it can be put on the website or not. If your article is approved, the site will send you an email reminding you of the same thing.

Steps To Take After The Article Has Been Submitted & Accepted

If you bear in mind all the guidelines listed above, uploading an article on free article submission sites is a quick procedure. You may improve the popularity of your website or blog by taking some other helpful measures after receiving approval from the relevant article submission pages. Some of them are referred to below—

  • The newly generated backlinks acquired from article submission sites can be posted to search engine submission sites.
  • You can also ping your newly generated backlinks to get them indexed as soon as possible by different search engines.
  • To systematize the process of improving the visibility of your blog, bookmarking your backlinks using different bookmarking websites and current social media profiles is a much-needed move.
  • Through uploading their papers to high-authority directory submission pages, one can also get high-authority backlinks.
  • It is also noted that visual material is generally preferred by people over written content. Holding this concept in mind, different video submission platforms have also been developed. Their material may be translated into videos and uploaded to those websites.

Article Submission Sites in India

The presence of a long list of article submission sites in India is one of the essential benefits of the article submission technique.

As this unique SEO strategy is favoured by most people and businesses as well as gaining popularity day-by-day, it is not shocking that a multitude of such websites exists.

Another bonus of the submission of posts is that most of these websites are free, and thus the user does not have to pay too much to improve the search engine rankings of his blog.

But before shortlisting websites, as well as the sort of audience that needs to be targeted, one must have a good view of the genre to which their website or article belongs. Some of the famous websites for article submissions are listed below—

  • with the Alexa rank 56
  • with an Alexa rank of 502
  • has the Ahrefs rank of 505
  • with an Ahrefs rank of 84

Article Submission Website with Instantaneous Approval

Different article submission websites with instant acceptance have recently been created. This adds considerably to the overall performance of this off-page SEO strategy. Instant acceptance speeds-up the article submission process by avoiding the lengthy wait that users are exposed to after uploading their content.

Instant acceptance also helps the blog to gain attention and exposure at a higher pace as it takes less time to post an entry. With the function of instant acceptance, different article submission sites in India are open. Some of these websites are listed below-

  • having the Moz rank 9.3
  • with a Moz rank 7.6
  • having the Moz rank 6.8
  • which has the Moz rank 7.1
Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

Most Popular Article Submission Sites List

As they help spread content, famous article submission sites have a lot of significance.

Via this technique, one can achieve a high backlink quality and is thus a successful SEO strategy. The submission of articles helps enhance search traffic, sets off leads and sales, and, eventually, increases the company’s online reputation. Let us have a look at some of the most popular article submission sites:

  1. link building, Google provides this medium. It can be used by users to apply content and materials to websites. It is cost-free.
  2. place is a popular website for posting content and has decent reviews as well. This means that there will be an audience for the papers written here.
  3. It is a platform for the promotion of advertising and provides its readers with a broad range of content. For marketing activities as well as content promotion, Ezinearticles is a common spot. This website has an excellent audience base and is cost-free as well.
  4. site enables free content and is also a dissemination channel for press releases. It is a forum charged for. However, uploading the content costs a nominal fee of US $ 2. iSnare allows the user to post their content on more than 2000 web sites. In addition, if more credits are purchased by the customer, they also get the feasibility of having the article submission service at a cheaper cost.
  5. encourages its customers to make their content accessible online. It has many categories and, thus, offers a full space for the user’s posts to be remembered.
  6. website is popular both among readers and writers. As it has an extensive archive of posts, it is close to the site listed above, It still has a large number of subscribers.
  7. popular place for the creation and posting of blogs and stories is Storify. This gives the characteristics of merging multiple articles, or concentrating on one subject, or even illustrating a statement.
  8. This platform helps people to post information on various websites. It has a database of various categories with a list of posts.
  9. Quora is a website containing content in a medium with questions and answers. Its mission is to help spread awareness and expand it globally. It can also be very helpful for you to use it for article submission, as it is one of the highest-ranked places for attracting the right kinds of audiences. It also ensures a reasonably fruitful opportunity for backlinking.
  10. Tumblr encourages microblogs to be produced and lets its members exchange material with a publishing network. In minimal time, the blogs on the web can be created.

Another Article Submission sites in India

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course


Submission of articles is one of the most common, reliable, productive, and favoured off-page techniques implemented into SEO. Article submission, as mentioned earlier, is the method of posting high-quality material to websites submitting high DR posts.

This approach makes it easy to boost the success and exposure of your blog. You can quickly apply your articles to the list of free article submission sites and get different backlinks.

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