Top 15 Best Content Writing Books In 2021

Top 15 Best Content Writing Books In 2021

Do you want to learn in detail about content writing practices? Learning from books is a great option. Comprehensive knowledge of content writing comes from learning through content writing books. 

Books are one’s best friend. In the same way, content writing books are the best friends of content writers. Such books have the necessary fundamentals that every content writer should know. That’s why such books are a must-read for content writers. 

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Why A Content Writer Should Read Content Writing Books?

Who is a Content Writer
Who is a Content Writer
  • How can a content writer develop the best writing skills? Through a lot of reading! Reading a lot of blog posts, articles, books, etc. Then why not read a content writing book and gain knowledge and apply them in their writings?
  • The best books on content writing are a contribution of writers with years of experience in the field. The authors have come up with insights and rich information. Such things can be helpful to budding writers. 
  • There is so much advancement in the field of content writing in past few years. A professional content writer can also read current books on content writing. So that they can know the change of course from past to present. 
  • For a beginner too, content writing books are equally important. A newbie in content writing can learn the tips and tricks from such books. 
  • Also, writers can from time to time relate to what they learn in their content writing course. Some authors of the books are even those, who teach the content writing course. So, you can assume positively, that the language in such books would be quite understandable too!
  • The books on content writing are a pool of immense knowledge. One can learn, and get better in their content writing journey.
  • Newbie writers must read the content writing books. These books have case studies, strategies, hands-on exercises, examples that concern writing. 
  •  As a content writer, the mention of marketing comes naturally. The books give glimpses and details of content marketing. Content writing companies publish such books, to help beginners and professionals. 
  • The books on content writing are available as ebooks too! Apart from the hard copies. 

The advantages of reading content writing books are many. So, let’s have a look at such best books of content writing that a content writer must-read.

Here’s A List of Top 15 Best Content Writing Books In 2021 That A Content Writer Must Read

The Content Code: Six Essential Strategies For Igniting Your Content, Your Marketing, And Your Business By Mark Schaefer

The Content Code is the best SEO book according to Book Authority. The book has insights into marketing, content, social media, SEO, and a lot more. It explains the six factors to up your content marketing, writing, and SEO skills. 

This content writing book values the importance of social media marketing. The steps that a company can take to get profitable results are all a part of this book. It offers digital solutions to small and big business organizations.

The book talks about the relations between brand and content transmission. The book explains the psychology of sharing. It has steps to conceive shareability in the content. It is a practical book with many solutions and ideas on content, SEO, and marketing.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide To Creating Ridiculously Good Content By Ann Handley

Do you want to create compelling content? Do you want the content to be competent enough too? This content writing book is then the best choice for you! 

The title of the book says it all! Isn’t it? Ann Handley is a doyenne in the marketing line. In the book, she speaks about the methods and strategies that are important in content creation. 

The author breaks down the hardest strategies into simple advice. It is one of the best content writing books on creating and publishing online content. She talks about grammar rules, better writing techniques, creating reliable content, marketing, and tools for content writing insightfully.

It has lessons on how to handle Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other such social media platforms, web pages, landing pages, blog posts, emails, etc. 

The book is in a pretty simple and understandable language. It also explains content publishing and production which are the first outlets that market the content. 

Content Writing Step By Step By Joseph Robinson

From beginners to professionals this book can be a great reference to anyone in need. We often might feel stuck with our writing. The blog posts or any other content we make might not be as satisfying to customers all the time. For such times, having a book on content writing by our side for reference is vital. 

Joseph Robinson’s book on content writing can help us fill the loopholes in our writing process. It talks about copywriting, content writing, and the mix-ups in the content of both styles.

The book also talks about how to promote the content, the essence of marketing, how to rank well in SERPs using SEO components, social media content, and how that is different from blogs’ content and articles. 

The book addresses major and common mistakes in content writing, the best practices, outsourcing your work and where, tips on getting more ideas, and lots more. If you experience hurdles in writing, you can again get back to create engaging content online with the help of this book.

Content Writing Skills
Content Writing Skills

Writing For The Web: Creating Compelling Web Content Using Words, Pictures, And Sound By Lynda Felder 

It is an interesting book on content writing also because it has several illustrations. Lynda Felder writes about the best writing practices a content writer can possess. 

The book has lists, tables, illustrations, which makes the reading more fun. Such things apart from writing make the book, more interesting. 

From this book, you can learn how to write engaging write-ups. You can make web content.  You can learn to write stories, create attractive images, and work on the sound features too. It has guidelines for writing content, exercises to nourish your content writing. 

The Idea Writers By Teressa Iezzi

Are you into copywriting? Then this book is a must-read for you! It speaks vastly on brand creativity and its realities in such business.

It has useful pieces of advice for copywriters who juggle different subjects each coming day. The course of copywriting is changing day by day and the book discusses such changes.

It has interviews of famous creative people like Nick Law, David Abbott, Rick Condos, Lee Clow, Greg Hahn, and many others. 

The Story Engine: An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Content Strategy And Brand Storytelling Without Spending All Day Writing By Kyle Gray

The Story Engine is a book that talks about how content marketing can become the most influential tool. You can with certain qualities put yourself out there as a content writer and marketer.

It tells you ways that will prevent you from hogging all day doing work and still enjoy the benefits of success. It is a smart book on smart marketing!

It has strategies to succeed in inbound marketing. The book explains all the strategies clearly and concisely. It also describes the mistakes in marketing, content strategies for B2B, B2C businesses.

It talks about the very simple metrics to know the performance of content, brand storytelling, SEO guidelines. It also has insights on the use of content in influencer marketing and as a relationship-building tool, manage lengthy content, and a lot more. 

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Letting Go Of The Words: Writing Web Content That Works By Janice Redish

The book talks about the writing style that we need to adopt while writing web content. The book has information on strategizing content for websites. 

It also has SEO solutions and social media material that concerns writing. This book is an up-to-date content writing book on all modern solutions to web content. It has several valuable examples in each writing, online traffic, and SEO context that the writers would be very keen to know. 

The One Hour Content Plan By Meera Kothand

Bloggers will find this content writing book very motivating. It has tips and tricks for making the viewers turn into potential customers. It has content remedies for selling services and products.

It involves elements that bloggers must include in their blog posts. It teaches how to generate innovative ideas in creating blog posts. 

 It also speaks of optimization remedies for them. It also has a gold of information on how to create appealing content. Content that can hook the customers to your webpage is one of the main aims of this content writing book. 

The Scribe Method: The Best Way To Write And Publish Your Non-Fiction Book By Tucker Max & Zach Obront

Writing your own story, your book is a dream come true for any writer. This book is also a Wall Street Journal Bestseller! 

If you want to tell the story of your success in content writing, then you can write a content writing book. Yes! All by yourself and with the guidance of this book! You can even write about your business.  This is the best book to refer to and make your non-fiction book writing possible. 

It has ideas and ways that will guide you from start to finish of the finish line of your book. So pick it up, and start writing one of yours!

Word Work: Surviving & Thriving As A Writer By Bruce Holland Rogers

It is an inspirational book that every writer should read. Deadlines, rejections, and challenges are a part and parcel of a writer’s life. Amidst all that, maintaining sanity becomes important.

The book has stories from eminent authors, their success stories, and roadblocks in their writing careers. The book also has practical advice to overcome stress, to get our writing careers back to the game. 

Word Work talks about ways to find inspiration. It also tells not to believe in keeping the work pending, and not letting the writing passion die. It has hands-on exercises, psychological theories on confidence, work productivity,  work satisfaction, etc. 

Become a UX Writer
Become a UX Writer

Content Writing 101: Win High Paying Online Content Writing Jobs And Build Financial Freedom With SEO Marketing By Joice Carrera

This is one of the best books that a beginner in content writing must refer to. The book guides the readers to build a content writing career. 

The book talks about the business possibilities that fan out as one becomes a successful content writer. It is a step-by-step guide to content writing and is best for newbies of content writing. 

Why beginners should read this book on content writing? It talks about how with nearly no experience in content writing you can build your portfolio and get online content writing jobs. 

Joice Carrera is an SEO content specialist and in the book, she talks about best SEO practices. She shares the importance of building a portfolio and client network. Such things lead writers to earn their dream projects in the future. 

Write Compelling Content: Blog Posts, Articles, And Essays By Amber Roshay 

The book has methods to boost your writing style. Whether it is an article, a blog post for clients, or your website, this book has all solutions to write catchy content.

It has many writing exercises to improve the writing style. It was originally an online course. It is now a book.

So, it is a good chance to grab one and get the feel of a writing course in the form of a book on content writing. 

How To Write Blog Posts That Engage Readers By Steve Scott

It is a content writing booklet with many ideas to improve your blog posts. It also has elements to make compelling blog posts.

Reading this booklet, you can gain ideas to improve the quality of your blog posts. It also has resources you can use for content creation.

Work At Home As A Content Writer: The Quick Start Guide By Maire Brody

This content writing book is good for freelance writer newbies. One of the biggest advantages of freelancing is that you can work from home. Whether it is for part-time or a full-time freelance writer, content writing is the best work-from-home job. 

The book highlights all the goodness of content writing jobs and tips on how to start one. It also has tips on how to get online jobs in this field, how to manage negotiations, and to withstand the mundane writing slump. 

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Content Writing Business: How To Run A 5 Figure Per Year With Writing Business By Edda Czelusniak  

This content writing book is also a great book for starters in content writing. This book gives not only confidence but also facts to run a business of your own in content writing. 


There is a lot of knowledge available online for content writing. Some are the compilations in the form of content writing books. The authors are all experts from the writing and marketing fields. Thus, the books are reliable with credible content. One must therefore read such books to have thorough knowledge in content writing. 

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Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

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