How to Get High Paying Blogging Jobs As a Content Writer

How to Get High Paying Blogging Jobs As a Content Writer

Do you want to do high paying blogging jobs from home? Do you love to write? Do you have you any need to generate a source of income additionally? If yes. Then you are in the right place and you can be able to write content as a blogger. But at first, you have to understand, what is a blog, how to write a blog, and how to impress your client online because your blogs are the payable task and you have to post them regularly. Now get the idea about a blog.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

The blog is the content that shares an experience among the audience. Just go in-depth. A blog is a truncation of “weblog”. It is a diary-style text which is informal. It is a single individual work and covered a single subject.

What is Content Writing
What is Content Writing

To write a blog in the right sequence is very important. It will give you a client because many people who love your story or the subject and pattern to write will come always to read your content and they get engaged by your content. So, to write in the right manner is very important. Here is a guideline that solves your problem to write a blog:

  • Understand the targeted audience
  • Create a blog domain
  • Choose CMS
  • Register the domain with WebHost
  • Customize blog theme
  • Identify the first blog topic
  • Come up with H1 or the blog title
  • Start from introduction
  • Outline your content to organize it
  • Write the blog post
  • Proofread and edit the post
  • Create a featured image
  • Create an attractive visual appearance
  • Create a category
  • Give tags
  • Insert CTA
  • Do On-page SEO
  • Give Meta description
  • By including keyword make a page title and headers
  • Give anchor text
  • Do mobile optimization
  • Pick catchy title

These are the steps that give a perfect blog writing strategy. Now you will never get any failure to write your blog as a beginner. The third and most important phase is to impress your client by writing your blog.

  • Provide value and trust by displaying your knowledge
  • In other step try to teach people so they go to the second one
  • Give offers and benefits
  • Try to give video reviews to show your personality or level of experience

I think you are understanding these all vital points to create an eye-catchy blog for your audience. Your readers will go outside from your blog to read others’ topics because if you are providing everything in the right direction, it will give you the readers who will become your client.

If you love high paying blogging jobs from home, it will create a profile also. Many people or companies demand your portfolio that what you have done. These high paying blogging jobs from home will also give a great impact in front of a company and you can show your experience to them.

Also, if you want to become a full-time blogger in a company and want to do blogging for jobs, your maintained profile will give you value and you can adjust yourself as an employee in an organization.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

How To Make A Career By Blogging For Jobs?

A personal blog is a perfect method to build and show your skills. You can turn your hobby into a job with 5 key things:

  • Keep a record of your blog
  • Create a network with other bloggers
  • Write regularly
  • Develop graphic design and video production skill
  • Create a blogging resume

Now, these steps can work when you have a high internet speed. If you have then you can easily write a blog daily. If you have a computer and internet connection, blogging will give you supplement income. You can also search for high paying blogging jobs from home. What will you do about this? Just take some steps which are described here:

Create a self blog


Maintaining a personal blog helps to gain experience in this field in 2 ways. By writing a self blog, you are gaining your web presence and you are maintaining your portfolio.

Find your interested niche

Select the niche to write your blog in which you have an interest. It will help to generate the blog consistently.

Use your spare time to write a blog

Maintaining quality and quantity both take several months or weeks by developing skills, set up a routine, and gain a web presence. The spare time is precious to maintain these all qualities in yourself.

Write for your readers

Blog readers read blogs in a different manner rather than newspapers and books. Your blog should be scannable and to attract readers.

Advertise your blog on social media

To maintain the popularity of your blog, submit the blog in blog directories, and also post your links on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Also, embed gadgets into your blog so that people can subscribe and receive notifications and emails.

Volunteer your blogging services for many followers

Blogging for another blog or a website will give you lots of traffic and help to become your name more recognizable. Verify after blogging to another blog that you can include the link of your blog and your name.

Maintain your network from another blogger

Include yourself in other blogging communities and get engaged in the discussion. It will develop your relationships with other bloggers. It will also increase the opportunity for high paying blogging jobs from home. The best example is to follow the Twitter feed.

You can secure the high paying blogging jobs from home by asking the hiring manager

Ask the hiring manager for Freelance blogging for jobs. Including links to your Many sites, provide blogs will be beneficial.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Apply on the freelance job website for a blogging position

There are so many websites that are open for freelance bloggers. You can easily apply to get high paying blogging jobs from home.

Use the blogging network to search for referrals

Other bloggers that you have built from communities or networking are always able to guide you about the paid blogging for jobs.

Use your blog for work

Many blogging sites have a separate link of “hire me”. It works well because the client has a good understanding of your skills and niche that can simplify visiting, pursuing, and market your blog. And your client can offer you to get employment. So, don’t hesitate to promote yourself via a self blog. It is your ability and it emphasizes your writing style and as well as the field of expertise.

Write the blog regularly for the same outlet

Start to write for the same niche again and again. You will know what your client want. It will also take minimum time to write. By doing such activity, it might be possible to get a steady source of income.

What Are The Best Websites For Blogging Jobs From Home? 

If you are looking for blogging jobs online, it is a good source of income and you can carry on easily. There are many sites that provide such opportunities to do Blogging Jobs From Home. Here is a complete list of such types of websites and you don’t need to search for other sources. These are:

Freelance Writing, Morning Coffee Newsletter, All Freelance Writing, Freedom with Writing, Media Bistro, Contena, SolidGigs, ProBlogger, Freelance Writing Gigs, Flexjobs, Blogging Pro, Be a Freelance Blogger, Direct Response Jobs, Paid to Blog, Outsourcely, Workew, 100 Telecommute Jobs, Remotees, Textbroker, Listiller, Cloudpeeps, LinkedIn, Freelancer, Craigslist, Guru, Indeed, Publoft, Contently, Jooble, ServiceScape, Dynamite Jobs, HubStaff Talent, We Work Remotely,, Jobspresso, and Remote.ok.

These all above-listed websites for blogging jobs online are the best ones and you can make money by writing a blog regularly. Just writing is not enough, you must have to share your experience very truly so that the audience may prefer your blog to read at first. You can easily post the content in different categories also. If you are experienced in one than more blog niche, then you can also use this skill set to provide the information in a good way and with proper information in different categories. Let’s understand some of the website working procedures that allow bloggers.


This platform provides some fresh blogging jobs from home where you can apply. It has various categories like finance, food, lifestyle, technology, business, beauty, design, and others also.


It is the major platform of social media networks where you can grab blogging jobs online with ease. You can access it by making your profile to this site and get more opportunities here. It is popular worldwide, so it may be possible that your profile can be searched by many companies.


It is the biggest blogging job site on this planet. It offers a massive database of freelancers and employers. You can get long-term blogging jobs with cool clients here.


It is rated one of the most comprehensive job boards which provide all-around blogging jobs from home. It is an excellent place and trusted by many brands. You can grab the opportunity to work with large companies for blogging jobs online.


It is a very professional job board. This platform is well designed, and the user interface is very clean.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class


It is the best blogging job site and it has powerful functions. When a blogger uses its function he/she achieves lots of jobs inside the site with seeing advertisements also for the blogging jobs online.

These were examples but you can try all of the above sites because all are good to get blogging jobs from home. Just create your profile here and see what you will get from such kinds of best websites.

How Freelance Content Writer Hired For Blogging Jobs Online 

Many companies search for the blogger to promote their services also. It is the best trick to promote the business by blogs. An experienced blogger can do so. hence if you have maintained your portfolio online then companies can easily search for you and if you are lacking how to get hired as a freelance blogger, then you can follow the below instructions.

If you have any requirements for a freelance blogger, you have to provide the information about this. You can do so on the job board, content mills, agencies, social media, referrals, competitor blogs or magazines, and also on Google. These all are the right pathway to offer blogging jobs online.

How to Become a Content Writer?
How to Become a Content Writer?

But you have to take some steps to write an effective job description. The best example is that you should write about your product, business, and brand. Also include the content writing skills that you want like SEO/SMO, the specialized blogger who prefers your niche by giving a summary of your category. Also, specify how many blogs you want in a week. It will show that bloggers who are rich in writing skill-set will come only. It will be easy to filter the poorer writers.

Blogging for jobs is easy to maintain but it is sometimes hard to do the long-term blogging jobs from home. So prepare yourself by getting expertise in any one niche if you are a beginner. It will become easy to work for a long time with any company and also with your clients. 

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class


The blogging jobs from home is only the work of those bloggers who are passionate to write regularly. They can maintain their time and as well as give the perfect blog to their clients. It is very easy to say that writing a blog is an interest. But writing a blog is a passion and dedication that is what you are describing to your readers. In this way, you can also become an expert to do blogging jobs online.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

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