A Comprehensive Guide on How to Start a Blog

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Start a Blog

Are you a content writer? Do you write a blog? Or are you facing trouble understanding or clarifying the concept of a blog? Here you will get the best concept with a guide to start a blog.

“A blog is an information website or an online journal that displays information in overruling chronological order with the newest post which appears first on the top. It is also a platform where a group of writers comments or shares the views on a single topic. The short version of the blog is “weblog”. There are many causes to start a blog.”

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

The content writer who writes a blog is known as a blogger and he/she writes on a topic to rank the website on SERPs, increasing visibility. Blogging is for various purposes and it sorts out the problems of the SEO team to give the best rank quickly. A blogger writes on different types of topics like business and projects.

How to Become a Content Writer?
How to Become a Content Writer?

There are so many benefits to writing a blog. If you are a blogger, it helps you to get a job quickly. You can start a new business. You will get more clients from your existing business. It is the best way to become a good writer. You will become an author.

It helps to get quick feedback. You will get ideas from your readers also when they share comments on your topic with you. You may become an influencer. You can express yourself as an expert writer. To start a blog is guaranteed work to expand the network. You gain some content writing skills to start a blog to write comfortably for any topic.

It improves SEO and it also helps to collect Emails. You will get a lot of knowledge about your field. You can sell a product. You get a chance to talk to your Idol. you can also express yourself. A blog helps people to gain knowledge to solve their problems in their life. You can build trust among your readers. You can create an online identity through regular blogging.

Blog writing is a skill for a conventional marketing pitch. The storytelling technique is more liked by clients and it gives the experience to share compelling positive points among the readers.  It shows that you can understand the reader’s problem and you are just providing the solutions for them in your blog. It is the main cause due to which many content writers prefer to start a blog.

There are different kinds of platforms to start a blog. A content writer must prefer these platforms to write a blog and post on it. Some platforms to share the blog content are WordPress.com, Constant Contact Website Builder, Wix, WordPress.org, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Squarespace, Gator, and Ghost.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

Is a blog best to use for content marketing? Do you answer? I say, Yes. Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and delivering relevant, consistent, and valuable content to attract a targeted audience. The blog is the best method to grow your business and you can start a blog for solving content marketing purposes.

Start A Blog With 8 Easy Steps

So, are you ready to start a blog? Here you will get a good guideline to create, write, and publish your blog perfectly for the audience. Here are 8 steps provided top you to start a blog online:

Choose an interesting niche

At first, think about your interest niche which you prefer to write so that you can start a blog online for the long term. An uninterested topic never follows the long run in blogging. An interesting niche insists you write always and it will also be your passion, so you will enjoy the journey of blogging. Remember that your niche has also matched your audience’s interest. Here the formula is very simple to get your niche success that is niche size, explore your competitors, and analyze the monetization value.

Choose the blogging platform


To choose the best blogging platform is the wise step. If you are friendly with some websites, then you can create your domain but here I recommend you to choose WordPress because it is very user-friendly and easy to use for blog posts. Also, it gives you various PlugIns and you can design your blog very easily. The other major platform is blogger and Tumblr to post your blog. Many readers come to these sites to get information also because they are very famous.

Pick a relevant domain name according to your niche

To take a domain is a good step for your blog creation and posting. It allows you to get a URL or unique address on the internet. By taking domain you will become an authorized person to handle your blog for various purposes. If you are choosing the domain name as per your niche, it will be good at all. Domain authority is very important and you can buy from Godaddy at a cost-effective charge.

Get web hosting

After getting a domain name, it will become necessary to get web hosting. It gives the functionality and performance of your website. The host gives surety of 24/7 availability for your potential readers. You can also store your content and files online. Godaddy will be the best choice which also provides web hosting and SSL to create a secure website.

Start a blog on a preferred platform

When you will pay for the web hosting, Godaddy will give you the option to start a blog on WordPress. First, visit Godaddy homepage, click on get started now, select the hosting plan, set up the domain name, register with GoDaddy, and add the account information, choose to host package, go to payment information and click on submit, now create your account and enter your password and click on login. You will be redirected to your web page for filling in the email id or domain name and to give the password. After this, your page will appear and now you can start a blog to create, write, edit, and publish on WordPress.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

Choose a theme and design your blog

The design and layout is your blog face. Choose the theme and install it. It is available inside the WordPress dashboard. This dashboard contains an appearance tab where the theme option is present. You can customize your theme also from the menu option which is present on the left-hand side. The options are like colors, theme options, site identity, cover template menus, background image, widget, homepage setting, and additional CSS. You can also add plugIns to your blog.

Write and publish your blog

Now you can start a blog online. Create a page like home page, blog, about us, etc. After this start a blog to write and take the option of Posts on WordPress. Here you will get to add new, click on that, and get the posting page to publish the content. On top of the right portion, you will see the “publish” option. Click on it and post your content.

Optimize the blog content for SEO

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

If you want to go for some changes in your content, it is also possible after posting your blog. You will also see the SEO option beneath the box where you have written the blog. You can also choose the Yoast SEO for this to make your content optimized.

These are the main steps to create and post your blog. But come to the point that why are you writing a blog? You are writing a blog to create your portfolio. For this, the guest blog posting is very effective and you will become an expert author. You will start marketing and promotion of business. Your client will come and you can also write to them. For this, to be active always in your niche is very important.

It will also grow the chance to become a content marketer. Many people will visit your profile online to see what you have written in the past and currently what you are writing to offer information to your readers.

How to start a blog to make money online?

Do you want to learn how to start a blog for gaining monetary value? Making money online is an interesting part and if you are a content marketer, you know how to catch your client. But if you don’t have any idea about earning online from a blog, then you are at the right place here.

Affiliate marketing is a popular place to start a blog online and make money. You can also choose Google AdSense in WordPress. When you are recommending the product and services, you are connecting with affiliate marketing. It helps to promote a wide range of products. Google AdSense is also the easiest way to earn money. You need to add a script to your website and start to display ads. It will generate the method of CPC (Cost Per Click).

You can go to sell ads directly by WordPress advertising PlugIns. Also, choose the sponsored blog post to sell. If you are writing paid reviews, you will earn. There are some websites for paid reviews like PayPerPost which helps to connect with those companies who provide the options for paid reviews.

Flipping websites are an auction site where you can serve your site in the auction to sell your website. This will also give you money. You can promote your brand with the blog as an influencer. You can use this to get a public speaking job. Many bloggers earn money from speaking conferences.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

The loyal readers are your true fans and you can create a members-only platform for them. You can create a paid forum. When users get paid membership, it will become the method to earn. Some popular sites like Quora give the question and answer community platform. It is a highly payable and engaging platform.

No doubt, you can start a blog online to earn money. It is a very popular method and many users come to your site to read your content. So, publishing interesting content regularly will be a great part to earn online.

You can create a paid submission job board on WordPress.  Companies who need to advertise for a vacant position for people can pay for the listing. You can create a paid business directory where people submit their blog links and pay for this. You can also create an event calendar with paid submission. Start to sell Ebooks on WordPress. You can also sell online courses which are recently in demand. The online course saves time of journey to go for the class and candidates prefer due to its cost-effective charge also.

A Career in Content Writing in Hyderabad
A Career in Content Writing in Hyderabad

These are some useful tricks to make money online and blogs help you a lot to get paid. If you have a blog website, you can create a link in your blog post for several other websites which helps to reach the audience on that platform. They take action on their preference or choice and you can get paid by them. So, blogging is the best technique to earn money online.


How to start a blog is not hard work. If you have the interest to write and share your experience online among people, you can become a good blogger. For this, you have a blog website and its accessibility to post the content regularly. Many companies demand bloggers who write for a company.  You can also make huge online money from blogging. There are several platforms to post your content and if you are interested in becoming a good writer, you need to focus on your preferred niche.

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