A Detailed Analysis on Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

A Detailed Analysis on Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

We are here to understand the topic of Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing. But before that, it is essential to understand marketing. What is it and what are its different types?

Marketing is the management method where products and services get to move from concept to the customers with identification, the decision of price, determining demand, and selections of different distribution channels.

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Marketing is a term that is used for business and organization to sell the product. It is the activity and process of creation, communication, institutions, and delivering and exchanging offers. It values the customers, partners, clients, and society on a large scale. Marketing system finds different types of approaches like:

  • Recruitment marketing
  • Business to Business (B2B) Marketing
  • B2B+B2C marketing
  • Marketing directly to the consumer (B2C)
  • Marketing strategy

Some marketing divisions are also included to promote sales and productions. The companies used this kind of division to approach their products and services or buy and sell the products. These includes:

  • Distribution
  • Market Research
  • Media Planning
  • Advertising
  • Community Involvement
  • Public Relations
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Direct Marketing
  • The Internet and marketing
  • Global Marketing
  • Marketing principles
  • Product pricing
  • Impression Management

Marketing has a lot of opportunities and you can choose it as a career. What will you gain after making a career in the marketing field? In the 21st century, marketing has used the latest technology and professionals are using such technology to catch the clients and also using the data and analytical skills to sort out the problems and help companies to market themselves. They use social media and analytical tools, customer relationship software, enable marketing specialists and researchers to interpret and collect data that helps to direct product, promotional strategy, and customer decision. Despite that, the professionals get enhanced experience in the marketing field. There are other advantages that you will gain in making a career in the marketing field. These are:

  • High pay and stability
  • Flexibility

What are the different types of marketing?

The different types of marketing are:

Green marketing: It is the method of marketing the products in an environmentally friendly way. It combines the satisfaction of customer’s needs and wants with the protection and conservation of the natural environment.

Holistic Marketing: It enables the company to see the marketing efforts and development on the overall plan.

E-marketing: Electronic marketing refers to marketing principles and techniques through electronic media and the internet. It is the method of marketing the brand via using the internet.

Social marketing: It is the type of commercial marketing principle and achieves a social good. It is utilized to approach the plan of social change. The main target of social marketing is to achieve social behavioral change and not to make money.

social media platforms
social media platforms

Service marketing: It fulfills the certain needs of the customer. These services are tangible in nature. Some examples are banking, catering, medical services, insurance, etc.

Direct marketing: It is the method of selling goods and services directly to consumers. It helps the business to create better customer relations.

Internal marketing: It is the method to offer the product mix with satisfaction through the needs and wants of internal customers like employees.

Interactive marketing: It demonstrates the quality of the service in front of customers. It describes the employee’s skill which involves the employee, process, and customer.

External marketing: It is used for traditional marketing and makes promises to the customers that what to be delivered.

Relationship marketing: It aims at the long-term relationship between buyer and seller. It is maintained and built by the base of committed customers who are profitable for the organization.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing – A Simple Guide

Now start the discussion about Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing. There are plenty of reasons to get an idea about traditional & digital marketing.

Traditional marketing is the concept of doing marketing without an online process. It uses methods like T.V, newspaper, hoarding, banner, etc. to advertise the products. It plays an important role to reach the local audience. The advertisements can be kept for a long period of time. It is the process of approaching the customers by the identification of places for ads where the customers can see, interact and hear about the product.

The different types of traditional marketing are:

Direct mail: It is the process of creating and sending the advertising campaign to stakeholders and using the mail system as a delivery method.  It is used for many years and creates brand awareness. It also includes the different activities like:

  • Doing research related to audience
  • Making list
  • Tracing results
  • Copywriting
  • Go for the research of audiences
  • Material printing and mailing for customers 
  • Graphic design for the mail specifications

Print media marketing: It includes the advertisement by print media like newspapers, magazines, and publications. It also uses the mass marketing strategy.

Broadcast marketing: Radio and T.V are the best medium for broadcast marketing. It can reach a large audience in a minimum time. Both are used to advertise on different channels that are helpful to catch more and more customers.

OOH marketing: It refers to the out of home marketing. The best examples are signs, street furniture, billboards, i.e., benches or bus shelters, transit places like trains, airports, buses, places like cinemas, or stadiums, or shopping complexes, etc.

Marketing through sales staff: It is the method where the sales staff uses the different methods to do marketing like one-to-one meetings, event marketing, telemarketing, cold calling, networking or referrals, etc.

On the other hand, digital marketing is the method to do marketing by online methods. It required an internet connection and it is the process of the promotion of the brand through digital communication. It uses the web-based advertisement process, email, and other digital media.

There are 3 types of digital marketing procedures:

Owned media: It is defined as the set of communication channels that an organization has complete control over. It includes properties like email newsletters, forums, websites, blogs, and so on.

Earned media: It is the exposure gained from processes other than the paid ads. Some examples are:

  • Mentions on different social media platforms.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Magazine and newspaper articles.
  • Shares the content 
  • Word-of-mouth commitment with both methods in-person and digital.
  • Blog posts about products.

Paid media: it is the marketing method that you paid for. It includes search engine marketing (SEM), paid social media ads, and pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing – Which Is Better?

It becomes very difficult sometimes to express that which is better about traditional marketing & digital marketing. We can use the comparable values as Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing because both have their own place and value. But, we can explain why to do traditional marketing & digital marketing. Let us find out.

There are top 10 reasons that why we choose digital marketing:

Each company sets a different goal. The modern technologies of digital marketing help us a lot. The online business has different benefits. These are here:

Print enhancement: It enhances your experience in print marketing. Through writing online content, you can go into detailed explanations and maximize all forms of publicity and integration of the campaign.

Influencer engagement: It is the method of promoting self online or via social media. It allows engaging influencers to gain respect. They lead their customers and spread brand awareness.

Authority: It is easy to comment on controversies that relate to the product or industry. You can easily establish yourself as an authority on different topics.

Tracking: Digital marketing helps to track the customers. You can easily monitor the content roads which they have used before buying the products. It tells you which marketing methods seem more effective and allows you to improve the strategy.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Interactivity: Interactivity helps you to communicate directly to the customers. They generally see your content by website messages, comments, reviews, and social media posts. It shows that you are giving them value and giving satisfaction as a part of the community.

Multimedia: mainly customers tend to engage more in marketing materials that add multiple contents, photos, videos, and audio.

Expansion: Many customers go online shopping. It appeals to people and they reach your company. You can boost your sales on Google by ads.

Flexibility: There are various techniques for doing digital marketing like email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. By digital marketing, you will be able to stop poorly performing real-time campaigns.

Mobile access: It is a convenient way to see online products. Mainly customers use it for online activities such as social media, news, etc. You can spread your online products to customers on mobile. It is a fast method to expand the buying and selling of products on the internet.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Affordability: Digital marketing is less expensive in comparison to other marketing methods. The prices may vary but it has given the opportunity to buy the products at a less expensive price.

Top 6 reasons why to do traditional marketing:

It is an innovative marketing technique: Traditional marketing is very innovative because it requires punching lines to attract the customer. It is an outbound marketing technique and needs the field workers to do publicity about the product through the canopy, or other advertising methods.

It uses hard copy marketing materials: The commercial ads on T.V, hoarding, and brochures are the best source of doing traditional marketing. You can reach the customers frequently by this method and also you will be able to tell about the benefits of buying the products among customers.

You will reach a diverse audience: Traditional marketing is the best option to attract customers. It gives more business growth and a diverse audience. The hard data attracts more potential customers.

It establishes credibility: Printed ads are known as more trustworthy and people believe quickly in the advertisements. It establishes mediums and a big budget. Companies spend more money on the radio, television, magazine, or other commercial ads.

The materials and promotional and sustainable: Traditional marketing is more sustainable and remains for a longer period. You will get more mileage from the commercial ads. here, you don’t have to produce new materials for the products and services.

You can connect with the local customers: By maintaining good relations in the traditional market with your audiences, it gives more and more popularity and business. You should maintain the relationship among the customers to sell your products.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Pros And Cons Of Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing:

There are some pros and cons of Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing. These are:

Pros of the traditional market:

  • The traditional market is hard to ignore
  • It offers a DIY option
  • It possesses less potential risk for brand
  • It is better to reach certain audiences
  • It delivers specific offers to specific people

Cons of traditional marketing:

  • Traditional marketing is more expensive
  • It can be not measured
  • It doesn’t possess the same ability to target
  • It gradually loses the audience

Pros of digital marketing:

  • It provides accessibility to catch the vast audience
  • It is capable of super-specific target
  • It offers superior tracking and metrics
  • Its exposure is expandable
  • It is cheaper to maintain and implement
  • It is customizable and enables better  personalization and A/B testing 
  • It can be accessed by social media marketing
  • It can be accessed by new technologies

Cons of digital marketing:

  • It can be a low impact from a visual standpoint
  • It leads the content and email with respect to customers prospects
  • It can be mimicked for fraud activity
  • It can give bad experience and poor reviews on social media

These are all about Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing. You can choose both marketing methods to expand your business. But in the first step, digital marketing will help you a lot. It is due to the low cost but in the case of traditional marketing, you have to pay more charges for the ads.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class


Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing is the most effective discussion as it has given a clear concept about marketing and business. If you are new in this field, you can take the tips here to do business by Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

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