Step By Step Guide on How to make money on Instagram

Step By Step Guide on How to make money on Instagram

Instagram, the famous platform of social media. It is worldwide famous and liked by people. They want to get attached to others and also create a community with each other. Instagram is very famous in India and it has become a more popular platform for doing business. But, How to make money on Instagram is the primary question of people. Here you will know the answer to how to make money on Instagram step by step. This guide will help you to get the best techniques for developing your business primarily.

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What is Instagram and how it can be used for grabbing business?

Instagram is the top-level social media platform where one can emphasize video and photo sharing through the mobile app. You can also write, edit and publish the visual content. You can make followers interact with comments, likes, and shares. It is also a phenomenal platform to investigate what other brands are doing by seeing the stories. You can choose the option to signup on Instagram with Facebook, email, or phone number and create your account to get your username and password. By this method, you can create your profile.


You will adjust the notification when your account is created. For example, you can choose the notification option by getting likes from people. It will help to get the message of what others tell about your profile or pictures and videos.

Know-How to make money on Instagram:

Know-How to make money on Instagram
Know-How to make money on Instagram

Now, it’s time to know about how to make money on Instagram. As a growing company, your business is about inbound marketing. Instagram is the method to establish an online presence to attract customers, generate leads, and promote your content like other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. Instagram is a big platform that has built up millions of users and posts per day. It has become an essential element for social media marketing.

It’s become critical to growing your business on Instagram without the right way. So, it is important to set up and optimize your Instagram strategy. It helps to increase your audience, followers, customers, leads, and continued path as a lovable brand.

It is very important to determine the first goal on social media channels for brand awareness of your business. It is a perfect place to share what your business is all about. By using Instagram, you will become to showcase the deals and customers’ success stories or products. It will also be part of your lead generation strategy. You have maximum followers and they read your stories and share them. It is very clear about Instagram.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Instagram has introduced a built-in insight tool for business platforms. You can see your followers and which post is resonating best among the audience. You should determine the brand guideline also like:

  • Stay on brand
  • Use high-quality stock images
  • Designate the content creator
  • Take great photos

Now the second point is to test, repeat and optimize the post. It is an essential step and you must have to follow this guideline. Just make a planned frequency to post your images, videos, or content. Once your posting gets the initial level of testing and has collected engagement data, try to optimize your scheduled posts which depend upon the test results. There are 9 ways to optimize the Instagram profile and posts:

The business username: Make sure to create a recognizable username. It is what your customer will find with your business profile.

Make the profile public: Make your post easy to follow you by the people, if you have the goal to build Instagram followers on your profile.

Your business name: Make sure to create your complete business name in the setting name option. It will appear in your profile image.

Add links to the bio: Add your website link in the description section. It helps people to go on your website.

Location: Use the location which gives ease to people to know about your beautiful post.

Inclusive content with a relatable post: You will get more followers if more and more people will like your post. This is only because of related content.

Customize the post: Use tags, filters, links, and hashtags to your images.

Use high-quality photos: Avoid blurry or pixelated images.

Call to action links: If you want your followers to enter the contest, you have to call them. This is only possible by the captions of CTAs.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

You should try to use Hashtags on Instagram. It should be relevant as per your product and do not overlap too much with different brand posts. The search engine allows seeing the number of times the hashtag has been used. It gives you an idea of how much your brand is getting popular. Now if you are looking for business growth online, then you can use the Instagram platform, and also it will show how to make money on Instagram in India.

11 elements set up the Instagram contest for rapid followers growth:

  • You should plan your objectives like budget, target, timeframe, and benchmarks.
  • Create an entry method for the contest.
  • Find appropriate hashtags.
  • Define the theme.
  • Create a method to choose winners.
  • Create a method for prize distribution.
  • Make a rule for the contest
  • Set-up a landing page
  • Promote the contest
  • Monitor it
  • Follow-up

These are some methods which are essential to follow to get a good business growth in the market. Social media is the best platform for the higher growth of your business. Instagram is also one of them and it helps marketers to see whether their products are liked by many people or not. If you are gaining more and more followers, then it is a good sign of your business growth!

How to make money on Instagram in India- a step by step instruction:

How to make money on Instagram
How to make money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram is an interesting question. If you are a digital marketer, you can understand the different types of strategies for online business in which Instagram also comes. There are three major solutions of how to make money on Instagram in India:

In India mostly people search on social media platforms. On Instagram, they also want to know that How to make money on Instagram. For this, you will go to learn to work as an influencer. Sell your products or you will like to become an affiliate marketer. Right? You will then spend money instead of earning from it. But it is the right step and you will gain some good experience to become an entrepreneur. You can follow the guideline here on how to make money on Instagram step by step.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Strategy 1: Post sponsored content

It is the first step that Instagram influencers count the impressive follower and the competitive engagement cost. It is the strategy to make strangers online who trust you. It doesn’t require you to fulfill orders or create products. It entails the posting of products, services, or brands that display what it is. Here the sponsored content will give success and reflect the balance between integrity and revenue. It’s all about your brand and people’s trust in your authenticity. Here’s the guideline that how to make money on Instagram step by step:

Step1: Choose a niche: If you are looking to get paid on Instagram, you should focus on your brand and continue with its regular post. You may go to consider your potential partners to see things. The brand is the track to compare the audience to the target market. According to some studies, it is clear that micro-influencer get preference to perceive a more authentic connection with audiences. It means that the more specific you will, the more you will get.

Step2: Build trust and grow the audiences: Instagram influencers get more and more followers, no doubt. If you fail in this process, that doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about it. It has no shortcut to getting huge followers for your brand. Try to commit to a continuous post with the masterpiece content that your audience wants.

Step3: Partner with brands: It has two main routes to link up with brand partners. The first one is a direct pitch. You can contact other brands and tell them what you are offering. It needs numerous compelling details about the audience and approach. The second one is to find out the influencer marketing platform. There are lots of market places to start such types of activities. 

Strategy 2: You should try affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

It is a good track to know more about sales. Unlike sponsored content, this step is little about dispersing awareness. It is the reason that you only make money when your followers buy your products. You don’t need to worry about the products and fulfilling demands. The downside of affiliate marketing is that it requires a solid strategy. It may produce scammy promises but, going to approach ethically, you will see that affiliate marketing is really smart and well-established.

Step1: Choose a niche for affiliate marketing: As an affiliate marketer, it is very different from a sponsored influencer’s niche. It is more product-focused and it may sometimes start with product reviews.

Step2: You should try to find the merchants to affiliate with: You can easily affiliate the brand directly and can join the network. Affiliate networks are one kind of intermediary platform between brands of affiliate programs and marketers both.

Step3: Post the product: Be clear about the nature of your product and your relationship with marketers. To maintain transparency is a good thing.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Strategy 3: Try to sell your product

It is the 3rd strategy on how to make money on Instagram in India. Go for e-commerce because using the personal brand to sell other’s products, you should go for selling your products by using your brand. If you have your own business, selling on Instagram will be a good marketing strategy. 

Step1: Just imagine your product: Your product should be natural and have an intuitive extension to what you are doing. This is the procedure of marketers that they sell online products.

Step2: Build the product: If the business plan includes selling your products, you need to build it and find a supplier.

Step3: Setup a shoppable account: Instagramroll out the sorts of shopping features which have focused on product tags, explore tab, shoppable post, Instagram Checkout, and shoppable stories.

Step4: Build e-commerce infrastructure: You should set up a website for more information about your products in front of customers. You should try to run a few ads for brand awareness. Try to build a landing page also and guide people via final purchasing steps.

Step 5: Post the products: Try to post regularly on Instagram your products and stories. The Instagram analytics tools will help to measure success.

Step 6: Complete your orders: You can handle your inventory yourself because it depends on your product. You should try to live the dropshipping lifestyle or outsource to a third-party logistics company. The more orders you get, the more time you have to spend on this platform for shipping, returns, delivery, and everything else.

The best tips on How to make money on Instagram in nut-shell:

  • Know the worth that your influencer needs to know.
  • Use social media monitoring to keep tabs on your competitors.
  • Quickly respond to customer inquiries
  • Speak like a professional to get business.
  • Don’t try to buy fake followers.
  • Use Instagram tools to save your precious time.
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Content Writing Course Demo Class


How to make money on Instagram step by step is a great concept and you can easily grab the points here. But before starting your business on Instagram, you should be mentally prepared for good strategy work. It is only possible when you have expertise in Instagram marketing. You can go with the Skills Upgrader to do so or take advantage of Instagram marketing procedures. For this, you can do a course to establish your own business. You can also get professional expertise here to enhance your business. To get a good guideline for enhancing your business will work longer in a positive direction.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

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