How to Make a Website Mobile Friendly with Mobile SEO

How to Make a Website Mobile Friendly with Mobile SEO

SEO is part of digital marketing. It is a crucial step to get the best rank of your website. People search any website on desktop or laptop. But, the most recent and handy device is mobile which has so many uses. The mobile device also gives the accessibility to see the website on it. Do you know this device has a small screen in comparison to a desktop or laptop, then how can you see all the information without any cuts? It may be possible that you see incomplete information or content on the mobile screen. But NO! There is one solution which is the responsive design of the website and here the mobile screen displays the complete information which is comfortable to see. This is the process of mobile SEO which gives the website look better. Doing SEO for mobile makes the website mobile friendly. Now, if you are getting any confusion, you can know here in detail.

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But before that, you should know that mobile is a handy device which is highly used by people in today’s market. It helps in many ways like you can call, you can visit a website, you can buy anything, you can play a game, etc. It is multipurpose but it has also a great use in business! It is a vital segment of online business specially e-commerce. The responsive design and SEO method helps a lot in this process.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

What Is Mobile SEO? 

The flawless viewing of the website on a mobile device is based on SEO.Google already favours mobile-friendly sites. According to Google, the mobile website runs on three different configurations:

  • Separate URLs
  • Dynamic serving
  • Responsive web design

Separate URLs: It is a setup configuration that involves URLs for websites that display the content on different mobile devices. Each URL has a different HTML code for every screen size. For example, and 

Dynamic serving: It is designed and configured to have the different HTML and CSS codes by which the server responds with the same URL. It is needed to use the Vary HTTP header. A justifiable header displays the content on the browser and helps Googlebot to discover the website’s mobile-optimized content.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Responsive web design: When it comes to the mobile-friendly website, responsive web design helps a lot. It has the same HTML code and content for the URL. It simply uses the meta name=”viewport” tag within the site’s source code. This source code helps to identify the internet browser to adjust the content and it fits the display settings to each visitor’s unique screen size. There are different benefits of responsive web design:

  • For higher search engine rankings, Google quickly indexes the single URL.
  • For the same content, one can find it useful to keep several pages.
  • Sharing content from a single URL is simple.
  • Popular SEO and formatting errors are avoided by this design.
  • Users can’t control the redirection of URLs, and it offers shorter loading times for the page.
  • There will not be much extra setup time.
  • Googlebot can use fewer resources and make it more effective to crawl.

Role of Mobile SEO In Digital Marketing:

SEO on mobile plays a vast role to make your business grow and as well a good representation of your website. This is the basic reason that you must have a mobile-friendly website and so you do SEO. Some roles of SEO for mobile in digital marketing is below:

Mobile SEO ensures that your site is tailored and can deliver a great UX on all platforms that are accessed by the visitors.

To get a higher rank on your website, you must have a mobile-friendly website and a good SEO approach.

Purchasing online will become so easy if you are using the best SEO methods to reach your website in front of many users. They like to open the website on mobile at first and you should also have a mobile-friendly site for that.

By targeting the mobile user, you can reduce the overall duration of the sales conversion cycle. Due to this reason, SEO becomes an important method and your website gets added to the profitable place in your business.


Common Mistakes To Avoid In Mobile SEO : 

Don’t try to block CSS, Javascript, and image files: It is a common procedure for web developers to block some, CSS, image files, and Javascript which is against a Google guideline. The best method is to keep all files visible to Google. You can use the Google webmaster tools as Fetch as Google to guarantee the website CSS, Javascript, and images which have imagesSome tools help. You should also check the robot.txt to create certain unhidden pages from Google. Make sure any redirect of URLs that can function properly according to the mobile device.

Unplayable content should be optimized: It should be bad UX that your video content that is available in a desktop version can’t perfectly run on any mobile device. It is suggested to use HTML5 to embed the video on all animations to improve the website usability.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

Fixed cross-links and faulty redirects: You should carefully remove your crawl error which is found in the Google webmaster tool. It is a website health check for a mobile-friendly design that can be operated correctly.

Fix 404 error on mobile: Some websites show 404 error messages to mobile users for the same URL which is serving content to the desktop. It is essential to remove this type of message for potential business.

Keep the site speed fast: Speed maintenance is the key factor to run your website smoothly on a mobile device. So always keep the website fast to open with accurate speed.

Use ‘Rel=Alternate Media’: To easily map the desktop and mobile URL, you should enable the Rel=Alternate Media’ attribute.

Add HTTP header “Vary:UserAgent”: It is advised to configure your server to return HTTP header “Vary:UserAgent”. It is used for controlling the redirects of URLs on mobile. When redirects run correctly, it will help to keep mobile SEO-friendly and run smoothly.

Use ‘Rel-Canonical’: Canonical tags are used to ignore the issues with duplicate content. By the ‘Rel-Canonical’ attribute into the website, Google properly indexes all the pages and avoids flagging the duplicate content. It also prevents ranking signals and consolidating indexing like external links.

Optimize meta titles and meta descriptions: You should have an optimized website for mobile display. For his on-page factors like titles and meta description with keyword-oriented content is best for SEO results.

Use Structured data: Individuals who surf websites on a mobile device don’t like to wait for more for any new windows to open, Google and users both prefer the fast loading, lightweight website that efficiently opens in just a second. You should check the average download time by page speed tool and fix the delay errors that you find.

Grab the advantages of local searches: Local business tends towards the mobile traffic that turns into sales and as well as desktop traffic. You should provide that optimized website with local searches by adding the company’s address, name, phone number, and call out actions.

Build mobile sitemaps: You should also create the XML sitemap for the mobile version website. You should keep the mobile pages separate to quickly identify the indexing troubles on the desktop.

Useful Tools For Mobile SEO:

Some tools help SEO on mobile and these are:

Google webmaster: It is used to understand the adding and eliminating part at the time of designing the website for mobile and desktop.

Mobile emulator: It represents the vision of the website or its appearance on a mobile device.

Moz Local: It is used to ensure the local SEO.

Responsive web design testing tool: It gives the appearance of how your mobile-friendly website looks on the different mobile screens.

Screaming Frog: It allows users to analyze the site and double-check the redirects.

User-Agent Switcher: It is an add-on that presents inside the Firefox browser and it helps to find the site look on different user agents when it gets accessed.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

Benefits Of Getting The Mobile-friendly Design Of Website For Your Business:

There are different kinds of benefits that you will get after getting SEO on mobile. It helps you to get leads, user attractions, conversion rate, business growth, and so on.

  • More interaction with customers
  • Competitive benefits to the market
  • Faster loading times for the page
  • Higher Rates of Bounce
  • Increased use of time on your website
  • Higher rates of conversion
  • Improved interactions of consumers
  • More traffic on websites

These are the basic methods and reasons also due to which it is said here that you must have a mobile-friendly website and it is only possible by responsive design and SEO for mobile. Growing business from an online medium has become a significant part of selling your products. Many people visit it on social media platforms especially on Facebook from their mobile. So, you should always be alert about your product website which can be effective for users.

Is digital marketing companies taking the interest to provide the mobile-friendly website with responsive design?

Yes, digital marketing companies are on boom in this work because the marketers know the value of responsive design for a mobile website. It gives a better look, speed to open the website, and overall a good user experience. Digital marketing companies do many things to provide the best website which can give the best ROI. The companies do SEO with the latest techniques and handover the best rank of your website. They are professionals and they know the good and bad things to remain and eliminate respectively in your website.

Factors That Affect SEO Rankings
Factors That Affect SEO Rankings

There are 4 reasons to go responsive now that are:

  • It is easy to manage in one site
  • It has forward-looking
  • It gives a higher ranking in search results
  • Gives the best compelling website

Why Hire Digital Marketing Companies For SEO On Mobile?

By hiring a digital marketing company, you will get problem-free work to do your business online. It is true that digital marketers are very professionals and experienced in this work and provide you many advantages to do your business well. If they are doing SEO for your mobile-friendly website, they also follow all the strategies according to the market needs for your RWD.

SEO is a vital part to get success in your business. It gives top-level rank and the solution to catch customers online also. It provides you an optimized website which is helpful to gain more and more leads. You can also follow the digital marketing strategies by getting a mobile-friendly website. It also helps in the quick search of products and services. Google crawls quickly to your website and gives better results.

Content Writing Course Demo Class
Content Writing Course Demo Class

In nut-shell, you can tell that SEO has become an important feature of the mobile-friendly website and it is broadly in business. The mobile-friendly website also displays a pleasant website that catches relevant users quickly to get attracted towards your services and product. It also helps in e-commerce to get fast accessibility and smooth opening of the site. Mobile SEO has great value and it plays a wide role in grabbing the best growth of your business. Hence, if you are a startup company and need the best website design with responsive design, you should consult the digital marketing company and provide your project to get ROI.


The simple formula to gain your business popularity is that you must have a mobile-friendly website and it is very good to get more and more customers online. The Responsive design on mobile gives you all the possibility to get the best user experience. You can grow your business by providing the mobile-friendly website. Mobile is used by 90% of people worldwide and they want to search for anything at first on their handy device. If you have a mobile-friendly website, you can grab more and more customer. Creating a mobile-friendly website is also very easy and this is the method by which you can easily grow your business.

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Content Writing Course Demo Class

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